Why does Zero Two from the hit anime Darling in the FranXX inspire so many versatile artists to create their own version of her? ?‍??‍? Read on to find out.

It hasn’t been long since Darling in the FranXX first started airing but the anime has already taken the world by storm. Perhaps its peculiar concept and Studio Trigger and Studio Cloverworks (formerly Studio A-1), two big names in the world of anime, coming together to produce this amazing dystopian-era ? romance has a big role to play in the way it has shot to fame since its debut on January 14th, 2018.

Set in the post-apocalyptic universe, Darling in the FranXX traces the journey of humanity as they struggle to rise against giant beasts called klaxosaurs ? by training boy-girl ? partnered pairs to pilot a giant mecha that goes by the name of FRANXX. Quite understandably, there is a lot of heated chemistry between the members of the opposite sex but one character takes this heat to the other side of the screen? ?.

Zero Two is Darling in the FranXX’s darling. And there is no debating this. Fans across the world have expressed their love for this crazily mischievous yet adorably cute, part monster-part human character. Studio Trigger has worked hard to make Zero Two flawed in all the right places, making her the most humane-most relatable character of the lot. And yet, there is an aura of other-worldly mysticism surrounding her.  So what exactly about this young lady makes anime fans go weak in their knees?

Zero Two Img 2

By: @will_willd on Instagram

Zero Two Img 1

By: @erinyen_ on Instagram

Some say it’s in her cyan colored eyes? lined with a tinge of reddish-pink. A feature @erinyen_ captures skillfully in her art. Even in a drawing rife with so many bright colors, you can’t help but get drawn to the eyes. They tease you with a playful expression.

Zero Two is the queen of such flirty expressions. @will_wild’s colorful ensemble against a kaleidoscopic background is a perfect blend. Bringing all the right shades to portray her in her trademark mischievous mood?. It’s almost impossible for you to believe that this is no digital drawing. Its almost unbelievable that it has been conjured using Faber Castle color pens and pencils??!

Zero Two Img 3

By: @yoake.chan on Instagram

Perhaps Zero Two is such a colorful character in herself that it doesn’t take colors to bring out her nature?. Just look at this pencil art by @yoake.chan. Notice the clean work with the hair and how the artist draws attention to the eyes and the horn?. These are two of Zero Two’s defining traits.

For the uninitiated, those shining cyan eyes have turn blood red without the limiter headband. Flanked by a hair color that inspires celebrities to dye their own. Zero Two’s pretty face is the heartthrob of anime fans across the globe???.

Zero Two Img 4

By: @21.makoto on Instagram

Impressed already? Wait till you see the body all of this is housed in. A tall, slender figure manned by a buxom torso, Zero Two’s body sends imaginations soaring??! @21.makoto specializes in drawing incredible anime art but the Zero Two art by her certainly tops all the others.  

At the perfect angle that she’s drawn our “waifu”, the artist brings out the sexiness in her. All the while perfectly preserving the innocence in her eyes. An innocence that goes back to when Zero Two was a lost little kid?.

Zero Two Img 5

By: @karma_kitten_art on Instagram

@karma_kitten_art takes you back to those times. A storybook given by her father clutched tightly in her tiny hands. This red-skinned human-klaxo sapiens hybrid ? then hardly had any idea of the adventurous future that awaited her?.

From then to now, Zero Two and Darling in the FranXX itself have gone through so much. As a result, talented artists across the globe have been inspired to create their own versions of them?. So how do you see Zero Two in your imaginations? Let us know??!

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