Just when I was thinking that there aren’t many “new” anime to look forward to in 2022 for now, this anime’s announcement rolls around. I can’t guarantee that this anime will be awesome but, from all the information available for now, I have to say it looks pretty damn awesome. It looks like something I’d be into.

You have read the title; I am of course talking about Yofukashi no Uta or The Call of the Night. In this article, I will discuss stuff like the staff, studio, synopsis, etc. to give a picture of what the anime may be like. So let’s go.


Yofukashi no Uta is the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. The manga is written and illustrated by Kotoyama the same author as another famous manga, Dagashi Kashi. Yofukashi no Uta is very much another vampire anime. It is a shounen supernatural – romance anime. Now, I was never super into vampire anime the only one I liked was Helsing Ultimate but Yofukashi no Uta really interests me for some reason. The manga is currently ongoing and its latest volume, volume 5 will be circulated in December.

So far, we only know about some main staff and cast members. As for the release date, it’s “sometime” in 2022. We do have a rather awesome Teaser, which you can check out right here.

Yofukashi no Uta


Yofukashi no Uta has one of those generic plots; it gives me strong Tokyo Ghoul vibes. The protagonist, Kou Yamori puts a lot of effort into maintaining his public image. One day, he gets fed up with this and starts suffering from insomnia as he no longer has an outlet. One day on his night strolls, Kou meets Nazuna. Nazuna helps Kou get rid of his insomnia but, she turns out to be a vampire and bites him in his sleep.

As I said, it is a really generic setting. But, I have seen animes with generic settings work really well before just because of the good plot execution or good characters. So, a generic setting does not discourage me. It shouldn’t stop you either.


Out of the staff members announced for Yofukashi no Uta, the ones that stood out to me were that of the 2 directors Tomoyuki Itamura (3-gatsu no Lion director, Bakemonogatari) and Tetsuya Miyanishi (3-gatsu no Lion). Those are some good directors if you ask me. I also like the voice actor choices for Kou and Nazuna that being, Gen Satou and Sora Amamiya respectively. Sora Amamiya is one of my personal favorites.

Most of all though, Crazy Nuts is doing the theme song! We heard a little bit of Yofukashi no Uta in the teaser and man the song sounds so good. Crazy Nuts have some really good songs so I am looking forward to listening to them.


Yofukashi no Uta is gonna be animated by LIDENFILMS. That slightly concerns me because, on one hand, they have amazing works like Tokyo Revengers and Initial D: Legends on the other hand they have some completely botched stuff like Berserk. Most of their works are fairly average. Thankfully though from the teaser, the animations look really good. I’d be really happy if they manage to maintain this quality of animations throughout the series.


That is all I had to say about the anime. I am pretty sure I covered all of the available information and expanded upon it as much as I could. So let me know if this anime is a skip or watch for you. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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