This will be a rather big article so strap in. This is a bit of a preemptive article but, this is just meant to give you a general idea of what to expect from anime coming up in winter 2022. There are certainly some big names to keep an eye on but, there are also some new anime that caught my eye for some reason. Winter 2022 will be another great season for sure in my opinion.

Now before we begin, let me clarify that any anime that starts in December and continues till January will still be considered a winter 2022 anime. I do list a few of such anime here so keep that in mind. I will be talking about all of the winter 2022 anime announced so far that interest me. I will be detailing my expectations of them and also their release dates if they are known. There are quite a few anime to talk about so, let’s get started.

Let’s start with the obvious ones then.

Attack on Titan – The Final Season Part 2

These ones in particular caught my boss’s eye. That’s why this is a 4-in-1 entry for taniidraw. These art pieces obviously depict Mikey, Draken, Takemicchi, and Chifuyu. I love seeing Tokyo revengers art man but, this art is a little different. The art style is amazing; I love bright backgrounds and the details in the art style. It looks so clean. You can check out the original posts here, here, here, and here. Don’t forget to check out the artist, taniidraw on IG here as well.

Winter 2022

Release Date – 10th January

The long-awaited conclusion of Attack on Titan will finally be here soon in winter 2022. I am extremely curious to see what people will think of once they see the unexpected ending of AoT. Assuming, they have not read the manga themselves out of curiosity. Mappa sure does have a colossal task at their hands with this season. There are a lot of scenes that will take quite some effort to animate.

Mappa has always delivered on the expectations placed on them so I am sure they will do so once again. This is one of my favorite parts of the story so I am really excited to see it in animation. The tension during this part of the story and the explanation behind everything is so well handled. I can already see what cliffhangers they will use to end the episodes. I am really excited about this and feel like winter 2022 was the perfect release date for AoT.

Demon Slayer – Entertainment District arc

Winter 2022

Release Date – 5th December

Demon Slayer may already be out by the time this article is up but, I will still talk about it. As I explained, despite starting in fall 2021 Demon Slayer is on this list because it will continue through winter 2022. This is another much-awaited sequel. After the awesome anime adaptation of the Mugen train arc, I am extremely curious to see what this arc holds in store.  I kind of already know what’s coming but, I am still excited to see it in those beautiful animations.

Demon Slayer alongside AoT are the biggest releases of winter 2022 and I am fairly certain that neither of them will disappoint. I mean, you can’t take any risks with such high-profile releases. This is another anime I am really looking forward to. People will really be shocked to see what’s coming so once again, I am really looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to some of the twists.

JoJo Part 6

JoJo Part 6

Release Date – 1st December (already airing)

Another anime that will pass through winter 2022. JoJo part 6 already has a few episodes out so I can speak a little bit more about it. Let me get this out of the way first, I don’t like the whole Netflix exclusive things. I don’t like it when westerners meddle in with anime production because that usually produces disasters like Record of Ragnarok. I will be honest though, so far it seems like they learned from their mistakes as they are doing a pretty decent job with the adaptation so far.

JoJo part 6 is probably the most divisive entry in the series. A lot happens in this part and Araki-sensei took the most risks with this part as well so there is bound to be some divide regarding his decisions. I am fine with it though. I am not a huge fan of Jolyne but, Pucci is my 2nd favorite villain after Dio. He is also the only JoJo villain who manages to win in some regard. Part 6 is really weird even by JoJo standards so be prepared for that.

Arifureta Season 2

Arifureta Season 2

Release Date – 13th January

Leaving all the big names, we have Arifureta. I know people have mixed opinions on Arifureta because it is very much one of those love it or hate it type anime. I like it. I accept that it is a rather generic isekai with some changes but, so what? I have said this multiple times now, sometimes being generic is what makes animes good. There is nothing wrong with generic in my opinion. Winter 2022 is also a good season for this anime to come out.

Aritfureta is one of the 2 isekais I am looking forward to in winter 2022. I have no idea how the plot progresses in Arifureta but, I am genuinely interested in seeing some more world-building in the series. What makes this even better is that MindaRyn is giving us a theme song for this anime. The first opening theme was great too there’s that at least.

Mahouka Kokou no Rettousei – Tsuioku hen

Winter 2022

Release Date – ??

The mystery anime. The only information we received about this anime was all the way back in October. There has been no information since. We just know that this anime is coming in winter 2022 except for that, we have received no news of the staff, cast, or even the studio making it. I just don’t know what’s going on with this anime’s production. I feel like they may delay its release.

So anyway, the Reminiscence arc is not something I am too excited about because it is a prequel and not a sequel. Now I do know that moving forward in the story, the events of this arc become important. This arc also serves to give us some back story and depth for Tatsuya and Miyuki’s relation. The whole point of this arc is to give us some more contexts for upcoming events and Tatsuya and Miyuki’s relation.

Leadale no Daichi nite

Winter 2022

Release Date – 5th January

I feel like Leadale is the underdo anime of winter 2022. I won’t say much here because I have no idea what to expect from this anime and because this article is quite long already. Something about the premise of this anime really interests me and hooks me. Otherwise, I read the premise of a lot of anime coming out in winter 2022 but they didn’t come close to this. Leadale will be one of those anime that people will enjoy more than they like to admit. I will certainly be checking it out though.


That is it for now. This has been a long article but, those were my honest opinions and expectations of all the winter 2022 anime that have been confirmed so far. I will be sure to do the usual release date list once more anime confirmed. And yeah, with that said I will take my leave here. See ya!

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