Horror is supposed to be scary and serious riiiight??? Well sometimes, the line between horror and comedy is really blurred. Sometimes anime try to be too serious and hence end up being really funny. Without even trying to be funny become a horror anime. 

So here are looking at the top 5 horror anime that are really funny without even trying. As we will see, this happens for various reasons like the art, animations and sometimes it is because of the dub too. Not all these anime are bad and I recommend watching all of them at least once. So let’s get started

In the Blood series, on one hand, we have something really good in form of Blood+. Then there’s this…god Blood C was a very unintentional disaster. It was supposed to be good but, they collaborated with CLAMP on this. As we know, CLAMP’s art isn’t exactly meant for made for horror. Their art is good but it is suited more for romance/harem sort of anime.

So if you have that sort of art in a horror that would not work of course. That is not the only issue; Blood C really grows repetitive after a while. All the fights lose the feeling of intimidation and it’s just funny after a while.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (Sotsu and Gou)

I have made it clear multiple times that I am not a fan of the new Higurashi sequels. They are really bad and a huge part of the reason why they are so bad is the low-budget animation. Probably even Record of Ragnarok had more animation budget than Gou.

All of the serious scenes look so sooo goofy because of the damn animations. I probably would have given a chance to the sequels but any and all serious scenes lose their impact because of the animations. They even managed to butcher the famous “Higurashi face”.

Another a funny horror anime

Another is basically a bit cheesier and anime version of the Final Destination movies. I am embarrassed to admit but I actually like Another on my first watch. After a rewatch, I still like it but now I find it really funny. It is not the fault of the story or animations this once.

It is just that a lot of death scenes out of context just look plain stupid. It’s like JoJo you enjoy it while it lasts and then when you look back again, you realize how stupid and funny the anime actually was. There is another anime on this list like this one.

Berserk (2016) funny horror anime

This again is an example of what bad animations can do to an anime. We all know that Berserk manga is a masterpiece by the late Kentaro Miura sensei. Sadly, its anime adaptations never lived up to the manga. This was because of various reasons, sometimes censorship (due to which a significant portion was cut from the anime) and sometimes animations.

The latest reboot of Berserk anime had really bad CGI. It looked like a game but in a bad way. It took away all the seriousness of the story and looked really goofy overall. If you want to enjoy Berserk, I recommend the manga none of the anime adaptations come close to it.

This is a bit of cheating as Death Note isn’t horror but it is a thriller. But it has unintentionally hilarious scenes nonetheless. Death Note probably deserves a watching or rewatching more than any other anime on this list.

As to why Death Note is unintentionally funny, go watch some death scenes or the scenes where Light cracks. There is also the legendary “Potato Chip” scene from the dub. Then finally there are the “I know that you know what I know” type of scenes.


That is all I have for now. Hope you had a good laugh or two from this list. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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