So you want an anime that will keep you on the edge of your seat eh? You have come to the right place then mate. Today I am talking about the best suspense anime that will keep you glued to your screen until you finish them. I have some nice picks for you today.

Before we start, I’d like to clarify that I won’t be mentioning Death Note and Mirai Nikki because we all know how good both anime are and because I have talked about them a lot. Right, so let’s get started with the list

Terror in Resonance best suspense anime

Mappa’s first original anime and man is it good. It is very short but that is one of the things that make this anime good. Every episode is just full of stuff. People say that the ending was disappointing but that is not true. If you actually take time to understand the characters of both protagonists, the ending will make perfect sense.

It is about 2 teenage boys who only identify themselves as “Sphinx” they threaten to cause mass destruction in Tokyo. They challenge the police directly to try and stop them. What reason do they have for doing all this? Well, watch the anime for the answer. I am not spoiling anything.

Great Pretender is original anime by WIT Studio. It is really good once again. It is about a pickpocket and conman Edamura Makoto who pickpockets the wrong person one day. The person he pickpocketed was a conman himself called Thierry Laurent. Makoto follows Laurent all the way to LA to defend his self-proclaimed title of Japan’s greatest swindler.

Great Pretender is way better than what the plot sounds like. I watched this anime recently and just loved it. It is 23 episodes long and is a complete package. You will keep going through episodes and episodes until you finish it.

Kakegurui best suspense anime

Another anime I watched just recently. Man, it’s something else. It really is something else. The best way to describe a few of the exaggerated scenes would be to say that Kakegurui is the Food War of the game genre. This anime may turn you into a gambling addict so be careful. I am just kidding guys, gambling isn’t good unless it’s gacha (just joking. Don’t spend money on gachas).

Now Kakegurui has some really interesting characters. Even the protagonist is not your average hard-working guy stereotype. He is actually good. The story is simple; it is like No Game No Life but with gambling and in a high school.

Monster best suspense anime

I know I said I won’t go to the mainstream anime but, forgive me for these top 2 picks. I picked these 2 anime because I think that they are not appreciated enough. Yes, I know monster starts off slow but give it some time. It is one of the best mystery anime out there.

It doesn’t even have a fictional setting. Almost everything in the anime is realistic and another thing I like is that the anime captured the feel of the 90s really well. Tenma’s character development is really something. He struggles with his conscience and knows that he saved the wrong person and desperately tries to correct his mistake. It is a bit long at 74 episodes but you should check Monster out.

There is no beating old Higurashi and Kai when it comes to a suspense thriller anime. It gave the genre so many stereotypes and clichés we see today. The way its story is set up is so unique. With every passing arc, we learn something new.

Sometimes the arcs and episodes end up on crazy cliffhangers. So much unexpected stuff happens in Higurashi it is really hard to keep track of. Even you feel like you have accomplished something when the mystery is finally solved. Do not trust anyone in the Higurashi verse. The people you least expect will have a crazy dark side. Both seasons combined are 50 episodes but they are so worth it.


That is all I have for now. Hope you liked my picks and let me know your thoughts down in the comments. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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