Spin-offs are a really good way to expand upon the universe and story set by an original anime. Sometimes they have their own unique twists and differences from the main story. Look at Fate/Series for example. It has all sorts of spin-offs and gives you a great idea of what is a good spin-off and what is a bad one.

Now right off the bat, I said “sort of” better and not definitely better. I do have a few anime that are way better than the original on this list. But not all anime on this list are completely better than the original. With that out of the way, let’s start with the list.

Gun Gale Online

While there is nothing better than the Aincrad Arc, SAO Alternative GGO is definitely better than seasons 2 and 3. When you look at the loli protagonist you may lose interest but don’t let that fool you. She really gets some good character development in the series. I was reluctant to watch this because of the protagonist but ended up liking it way more than SAO 2.

Despite the protagonist and the relatively lighter setting, SAO Alternative GGO doesn’t shy away from any of the dark stuff. The balance that this anime found is interesting. The story itself is really good and engaging too.

Isekai Quartet

While Isekai Quartet may not be better than all anime it has, it is still a really good spin-off. It’s really unique as far as parodies and spin-offs go. It does justice to all characters present. It even makes subtle references to anime that the characters are from.

Also, you gotta love that chibi art style. I love how they made characters look cute while also not taking away their original image. The story is also interesting somehow. Yeah, believe it or not, Isekai Quartet has a story. Most importantly though, the interactions between the characters are just something else.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator/Railgun

A 2 in 1 entry. A lot of people say that these spin-offs are better than the original but there are plenty in support of the original too. I won’t take any sides here but I personally enjoy all 3 versions for what they are and I like all 3 protagonists.

These 2 spin-offs tell the story from the perspective of 2 fan-favorite characters, Misaka Mikoto and Accelerator. They expand and build upon the original story. These are spin-offs done really well expanding upon the original universe while still having their own story and identity.

Clannad After Story

This is a little controversial entry but hear me out guys After Story is technically a spin-off since it is based on a different route from the original anime. It’s hard to explain. Clannad: After Story really blurs the line between a sequel and a spin-off.

But yeah, goes without saying After Story is way better and more popular than the original. Not to say that the original is bad but, After Story just hits differently. After Story hits way harder than the original. The feels are just too strong in this anime.


What else were you expecting on number 1? There is no better spin-off than Sindbad no Bouken. It is way more famous than the original series. Despite having a much simpler plot overall, Sindbad’s character is just something else.

Sindbad’s charisma shines through this anime. We get to see how he became the crazy strong king he is in Magi. The best part is he has way more screen time than Magi in this. If I remember correctly, this was a heavily demanded spin-off and the author finally indulged the fans after the original series was done. Man with all these anime coming back, Magi needs a season 3. I am pretty sure it will do well too.


That is all for now. Let me know your thoughts and picks down in the comments. I will continue to keep grinding out more of these articles for you so stay tuned for more. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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