Top 5 Old Anime Series That Deserve a Remake

January 21, 2021
Top 5 Old Anime Series That Deserve a Remake

Anime Art Drawing – Tips to Make Your Art Better

Anime has been around for a long time, manga even longer. The first color anime ever produced was Hakujaden, which is a feature film. It was created in 1958. The first anime series was Otogi Manga Calendar it aired from 1961-64. Astro Boy (1963) was the first anime that gave us the regular weekly airing and 30-minute episode pattern. The anime industry produced quite a few good pieces back in the day too. Here, I will list a few old anime that deserve a remake; a few deserve a complete makeover, while a few will do just fine with newer animations. I am only giving reasons as to why these anime should get a remake or reanimated. If you want to know about the plot, I will link the anime page on MyAnimeList. You can read the plot summary there. Let’s get started with the number one.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

MyAnimeList link

We can’t have a list like this without NGE now, can we? Now I know we have a rebuild version that is still going on (4th and last movie will be released soon). But, rebuild is not the original NGE in any way. Rebuild is something you would get if NGE was an average anime, which it is not. Not in the slightest. I want a remake of the original NGE anime and the End of Evangelion (EoE) movie. Some people do not watch old anime because of the animations. While NGE’s animation quality was the best back in the day, they are not anymore.

I want people to know what a masterpiece the original NGE and EoE are. No need to change any content in this. Just give this anime new CGI, and it’s all good. If you ask me no need even to change the opening. Just reanimate it with new CGI.

Rurouni Kenshin

MyAnimeList Link

I convinced myself that I wouldn’t do shonen stuff for this list, but I had to include Kenshin. I just could not ignore how much this anime’s OVA is loved to date. The anime itself (except the fillers) is certainly worth the time but, the momentum of the show dies when the antagonist is defeated halfway through the show. So even if only the OVA and the first half of the anime get a remake, it will be more than enough. The first half of the anime has some amazing fights that will really look good in modern CGI. The OVA is just the opposite; it’s emotionally draining and has very few fights.

People still love that OVA to date and me too. Even if you do not watch the anime, watch the OVA (don’t worry, it’s a backstory sort of thing and is connected to the main story) you will love it for sure. It’s just four episodes, so give it a try. But what I really wanna see in the new animations are the fights, especially Kenshin vs. Makoto.


               MyAnimeList Link

Yes, the anime exists, and it’s bad. Real bad. This anime is so bad that the original VN fans say that it does not even exist. It adopts the 1st of 9 routes of the VN, and my god, so many changes, so many cuts, so many skips. No monologues, no explanations. Nothing. And the animations were not good to top it all off. This needs a complete revamp instead of just new animations. The VN is very good and is worthy of an anime adaptation. The VN is getting a remake this year on its 20th anniversary, so why not the anime too? UFOtable, please!! Even if not all nine routes, please do the main routes. Tsukihime is something that our generation will love for sure. Considering how many people love Kara no Kyoukai, it is bound to be loved if Tsukihime gets a proper anime.

Initial D

MyAnimeList Link

Initial D’s first season did get remade into three movies. But the movies weren’t as good. The only good thing about the movies was the art. The art and animations were beautiful. I can’t even describe how good the art and animations were. But, for some reason, they decided to change voice actors, which completely destroyed the image of characters we had in our mind coming from the original series. The soundtrack was nowhere near as good as the original anime. Not to mention, the movies cut out some really important stuff. They took out entire races. Even if it’s just the 1st season, just reanimate it without touching the soundtracks or voices.

The pacing of the 1st season is good as is. And if more is possible, remake the 5th and 6th seasons because they were not properly produced due to budget and time issues. They deserve to be produced with the same love as season 4. Yes, Initial D was perfect. It was released in 2004, so it does not have the old animation problem (its animations are beautiful even better than a few anime today), good soundtracks, and the same voice cast as season 1. Initial D season 4 is a treat. If season 1 gets appropriately remade, it will be a treat too. Who knows, it may even be better than season 4!

old anime that deserve a remake

Cowboy Bebop

               MyAnimeList Link

Yes. Another entry that is bound to be on a list like this. This anime needs no introduction. It’s so famous that Keanu Reeves said he would do Spike’s role if the anime ever gets a live-action adaptation. This anime is so good that I don’t think it is even necessary to explain why this will look good with new animations. All the space stuff already looks good in the anime, but it will look even better if it is reanimated with modern CGI. It’s a good anime; you should watch this one. It’s dark and gloomy. This is perfect because Spike (the protagonist) is a bounty hunter. A bounty hunter’s life is supposed to be dark and gloomy, and he has a dark past as well. It’s a good watch, and it is worth your time if you have not watched it already.


These are the anime series that I think deserves a remake. These are very good anime, but sometimes people do not watch them just because of old animations, which is a mistake. They have no idea what they are missing. Let me know in the comments if I missed something. I’ll take my leave here. See ya!

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