We have a lot of anime movies. I mean a lot so it is understandable that some movies may go unnoticed by people. Many times movies are overshadowed by fellow releases or sometimes even other works by the same studio or director. So, there are some Lesser-Known Anime Movies.

But hey, that is exactly why I am doing this list. Here are some lesser-known anime movies you really should watch. There are many more movies like these but sadly many people don’t watch ’em. So let’s get started.

This is a rather obvious one but, how many people have actually watched this movie hmm? Not many. It has a small fraction of entries on MAL when compared to some of the more mainstream movies. It is a sci-fi romance movie. Now sci-fi paired with romance is pretty uncommon in anime.

As the title suggests, it is about a girl named Makoto who gains the ability to jump through time. She goes to the past wanting to change it for her benefit. But as always is the case with time travel, things get complicated soon. The movie has a great plot a lovable characters, a must-watch if you want some romantic anime movies but have watched the mainstream ones.

Another rather obvious pick but not a lot of people have actually watched it. So Redline is basically a more sci-fi and spacey version of Initial D. It has really dope animations and follows the sports anime formula with the story being carried by HYPE.

It has an equally good soundtrack to go with the hype and the awesome races. If you liked Initial D or if you like sports anime, you will love Redline. It is something you can kick back and relax while watching.

One of the lesser-known works of Studio Ghibli. This movie is often missed because of all the masterpieces Studio Ghibli has put out over the years. Now Whisper of the Heart is much more realistic than other Studio Ghibli movies. We all know all of the mainstream Studio Ghibli movies are fantasy-based.

It is about a high school girl who doesn’t know what to do with her life. She finds her dream of becoming a writer after meeting a boy who dreams of going to Italy to learn. It is a really relatable story. You should definitely check it out.

Ahh now, this is a really underrated movie. I don’t know why this movie got ignored because it is really good. Isekai is a genre you don’t usually see in anime movies (unless they are related to an existing series like KonoSuba movie or Youjo Senki movie) but, here we are with an amazing isekai anime movie.

It is about an orphan called Ren who lives alone in the streets of Shibuya. He is taken by a beast to a fantastical world. Now, what makes this movie different is that Ren can return to the human world and he struggles to maintain his double life. It is a really good and unique movie.

Bet you haven’t heard of this movie huh? At least I hadn’t heard of this movie till I stumbled upon it by accident. It was actually this movie that got me into old/forgotten or ignored movies. I don’t know why this movie got ignored even though it was so good.

It is set in Sengoku Era and is about a ronin called Nanashi. Nanashi rescues a boy. He makes a deal with him to escort the boy to a Buddhist temple. This movie is a complete roller coaster and is full of twists. It will keep you engaged for a while for sure.


That is all I have for now. I hope you found out some movies you didn’t know about. I personally did quite a bit of research on Lesser-Known Anime Movies after stumbling upon Sword of the Stranger. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. With that said I will take my leave here. See ya!

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