So this is my first list of things that are currently not related to anime in any way but I’d love to see an anime about it. Now video games get anime adaptations from time to time. Anime based on games are either really good like Pokémon or really bad like Bayonetta. These are a few games of which I’d like to see a good anime adaptation. Now, I have considered what games would do really well as anime including all the action and not just the story.

Fair Warning, I am not putting Resident Evil on the list because it technically has an anime adaptation in form of animated movies Vendetta and In The Darkness. Unlike the Hollywood movies, the animated movies in the game universe and are actually good. Yes, the movies are technically anime as they are made in Japan and by Japanese people. They just don’t have the art style of an anime. Well without wasting any more time, let’s get into the list

From Sofware Games

I just named 6-7 really good games right in the first entry but, I will count this as a single entry. The games I’m specifically referring to here are all 3 Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Demon’s souls. I want an anime adaptation for these games because many people leave these games because of their difficulty. These people have no idea what they are missing out on but, I can’t blame them because not everyone likes difficult games. So for such people, I want an anime of From Software games because their stories are just beautiful. Dark souls especially has a really well-developed world and an anime would fit perfectly in the Dark Souls universe and will be much better than most fantasy anime. Sekiro also has a setting fit for an anime because it’s like Dark Souls but the setting is Japanese. A sequel is hinted at in the canon ending of Sekiro. Imagine if the sequel is actually an anime. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Yakuza Series

Yakuza games are just amazing. They have a certain degree of realism to them despite being over the topmost of the time. These games have everything you’d want in a good anime. They’re Japanese, have over-the-top action, they’re really funny and have a fairly decent story as well. Yakuza series has a live-action TV show but of course, live-action will be no match for an anime if they ever make it. they are a lot of good games to pick from to make a good anime. I mean honestly take almost any Yakuza game and it’d easily enough material for a good 24 episode anime. I really hope they make a Yakuza anime down the road. There are quite a few good gangster anime and they are rather famous too. The best example would Black Lagoon or even Cowboy Bebop (if you consider that a gangster anime).


I honestly have no idea why Okami doesn’t have an anime yet. The game is just beautiful. It has a very unique art style which would make for a good anime and an equally good soundtrack. It is one of the few really good games in which you don’t play as someone walking on 2 legs. The gameplay is really unique as well. You use brush strokes to do different things. The Japanese folklore-inspired story is complimented so well by the art style. Okami would make for a really good anime because of its story and unique fights. The only challenge will be to get the art style right if someone ever makes an anime out of it. Check it out now. Okami is a beautiful game.

Kingdom Hearts

If you don’t know what Kingdom Hearts is, the best way to describe it will a Final Fantasy and Disney crossover. Just as you’d expect it’s funny as hell but, it has surprisingly emotional moments too. The setting sounds bad but, it just works out somehow. Go watch a play-through of the game you will know exactly what I mean. It is really hard to describe Kingdom Hearts in words. It will just sound weirder the more I explain it. Just watch a play-through. I really can’t explain Kingdom hearts. It just works out really well despite being all over the place. If it gets an anime, it should be every bit as silly and all over the place as the game. Kingdom Hearts is just somehow really very good.

NiER: Automata

If you have any interest in Japanese games, you knew this entry was coming. I have no idea why a game this beautiful is not a mainstream success. Maybe people are just not capable of comprehending its complex and emotional narrative. There isn’t a single human in the game but, the game will teach you what humanity is better than most humans. The game is just perfect, the gameplay, the visuals, the sound design are just amazing. It’d make for a really good anime too. The art style is already anime-inspired so there won’t be a need to change it that much. It again has everything you’d need in a good anime including meaningful conversations. I’d love if WIT animated this anime though. Their CGI heavy animations would really suit Nier Automata

So that is my list of 5 games that deserve an anime adaptation. I stuck to Japanese games on purpose here just to preserve the feel. I know there are many more games that’d look really good as anime. Another candidate I thought up for the list was Genshin Impact since that game actually has a really good story. Let me know down below what you think of my picks and put your suggestions there as well. As always, stay tuned for more awesome content art. With that being said, I will take my leave here. Y’all stay safe and see ya!!

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