Top 5 Anime where the Main Character is an Otaku

June 14, 2021
Top 5 Anime where the Main Character is an Otaku

We all are Otakus here. We relate to and love our fellow Otakus. Even if we argue over things sometimes, we all love being a part of this rare breed. Anime is an inseparable part of our lives. I personally cannot spend a day without watching anime. I need to watch at least an episode before I end my day or something just feels off.

That is why sometimes when an anime protagonist is an Otaku we relate to them on a different level. Some anime even go as far as breaking 4th walls but we are not talking about those today.

Again, these are my personal picks. If I miss something let me know down in the comments. Another thing, I could have made this list purely out of isekai anime since isekai anime tend to have a troupe where the MC is always an otaku before getting isekai’ I won’t put an isekai anime here. Otherwise, it won’t be fair.


I personally am not a huge fan of OreImo but a lot of people seem to like it and it fits the list so here it is. It is an anime about a brother discovering that his sister is an otaku and helping her in trying to hide that fact. He slowly becomes an otaku himself while helping her.

Now I don’t like the characters of this anime. The incest plot does not bother me. It is one of the very few anime that I dropped in the middle. But as I said earlier, quite a few people seem to like it so I put it on the list. I will accept one thing though; Kirino’s reactions while playing eroge are rather funny.

As I said earlier, incest plots don’t bother me so here we are with something I genuinely like. I think it is from the same author as OreImo but if you ask me, Ero Manga Sensei is much better. It is a story about a pair of a brother and a sister again. The brother is a novel author and his sister draws the illustrations for his novels. In a way, it is a more RomCom focused version of Bakuman.

It is one of the better harem animes I’ve seen. Sagiri especially is a rather iconic character. Even after all this time, she has so many memes. This anime is much better OreImo for me any day.

This is the first otaku MC anime I ever saw. It is about a bunch of students making eroge. It is easily one of the best harem anime I have ever seen. Even though it becomes a proper romance anime in the latter half, it is still worth the watch. The character development in this anime is just amazing. There is a lot of business politics on this anime too.

The story really gets more and more interesting as it progresses. Saekano has a really good balance of feels and funny. It also has a lot of 4th walls breaks too. They are not direct but you can see figurines and posters of real anime in the protagonist’s room. If you are looking for an actually good harem anime, this should be your pick.


Wotakoi is one of the bestRomCom anime hands down. It is about 5 otakus working in the same office. And man this anime is funny. There are 4th wall breaks stupid things, and is just plain funny overall. It has quite a few wholesome moments as well. It is about how sometimes in a relationship you have to adjust and how difficult it is to find a good partner.

Even if you are in for just the comedy, you won’t be disappointed. The male protagonist’s character is just very good. There isn’t much in terms of character development but it is always fun to watch them trying to get together despite their complaints. It easily could have been number 1 but, number 1 is just too amazing.

Anime where the Main Character is an Otaku-Bakuman







~DVD 1 Official Cover

I can’t leave Bakuman out of a list of otaku characters. It is literally an anime about manga authors. Of course, there are heavy otakus in it. They did not try to even hide the fact that they were working for Shonen jump. They referenced so many manga and anime throughout the series. I mean, of course, they did. It is an anime about manga authors after all.

This anime though does a really good job of giving us a glimpse of how tough the work and life of manga authors are. It also gives us an idea of how difficult it is to have a long serialization in Shonen Jump. This anime is perfect for a binge-watch. It has 75 episodes but once you start watching them, you will be running out of episodes really quick.

It has a really good buildup for almost everything. This anime is really good to motivate yourself too if you’re ever feeling down. Go check this out now. I cannot praise this Bakuman enough. It is just amazing.

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