Top 5 Animes So Bad That They’re Good!

​I have said this quite a few times, a lot of anime comes out every season. At least 20 -25 anime come out every season and anime has been around since before the 90’s so there is a lot of anime. On one side we have beautiful masterpieces and on the other side, there are quite a few bad anime too.

Sometimes, a few anime are so bad that they start feeling good. Here I list the 5 best examples of such anime. As always, I will link the MyAnimeList pages of the anime for the plot summary. This once though, checks out their scores too. Except 1, all anime on this list have a really bad score but quite a few people like them. So let’s get started with the list of Top 5 Animes So Bad That They’re Good.

Oh, how much I hate School Days. It is a really bad anime complete with an equally bad protagonist. Makoto is easily one of the most hated anime characters of all time, and for a good reason! That scum uses and tosses aside girls like used pair of shoes. In the entirety of School Days, you will wish the worst possible death on Makoto, and in the end, when he gets what he deserves, there is no satisfaction to be had because he had destroyed the lives of so many girls by that point it does not even matter.

Despite all of this, I will recommend everyone to watch this anime at least once. I can’t really explain why, but creating a character this detestable is not easy, and this anime really shows the worst in humans. Watch this anime once, you will be suffering all the way through the 12 episodes, but somehow you feel like you are a better person after watching this anime.​

Arifureta is not nearly as bad as School Days but, it is extremely clichéd. Think of the most generic isekai revenge story, and you will have Arifureta. It is a cliché isekai, the protagonist is betrayed, and he becomes overpowered after that. It goes without saying; he slowly gets his harem as well. Every cliché you can think of will be present in this anime for sure.

Yet, I highly recommend watching this at least once. If you can put your brain aside and relax while watching anime, you will enjoy Arifureta for sure. It is one of those anime that are good because they are generic.

Top 5 Animes So Bad That They’re Good

~ School Days

Darling in the Franxxx is one of the most iconic anime of all time. It is iconic to the point where even people who have not watched the anime know who Zero – Two is. But, is the anime any good? No. the plot is complete trash. They did try something new with the whole “Post – Apocalypse” theme but it’s absolute garbage. The character development and interactions are pure cringes.

Again though, I would recommend at least a single watch of this anime. It does not have to be all the way to the end but watch this anime. Why? Mainly because of memes. Darling in the Franxx spawns a lot of memes to this day. Another reason to watch this anime would be high-level fan service. If you are into fan service, there are quite a few scenes for you.

I know Sengoku Basara was aiming for this niche of anime. Sengoku Basara is purposefully bad. Now, if you wanna know what Sengoku Basara is, the best way to describe it would be the Sengoku period with absolute nonsense powers. You will never receive explanations for magic or powers. Dead people randomly come back to life. The only thing that remains consistent is the major portion of history. Even though battles are crazily over-exaggerated, the major incidents (like which lord killed who) are historically accurate except the dead people coming back to the life of course.

Again, I highly recommend you watch this anime though. It is really fun to watch when you want something to relieve off your stress. It is absolutely bonkers with over-the-top action and comedy. I have no idea what they were thinking while making this, but it is fun for some reason.

​Before any JoJo fans in the audience go crazy defending this, I am a JoJo fan myself, and I wholly accept this nature of the anime. JoJo is full of random plot holes and random events that will best be described as “deus ex machina.” Sometimes the anime will literally throw the rules it made out of the window with its own 2 hands. Also, the anime is full of gay stuff.

Yet, JoJo is so iconic that people will know what anime it is just by looking at any random image from the anime. I really recommend JoJo to people. It really is the best example of “So Bad it’s Good” anime. There are so many bad things about JoJo but, most fans accept the bad things and still like it. I am one of the people. This is something only Araki sensei can pull off. He writes whatever he likes, and we fans are left to make sense of what he wants to say, and we still love JoJo. Go watch this right now!!

Final Words

So, those were my picks for Top 5 Animes So Bad That They’re Good. Let me know down in the comments what you think about my picks and tell me what anime you would have put on this list. As usual, do not forget to check out my other articles and the awesome art section of our site. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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