It goes without saying animation quality matters a lot in any anime. If an anime doesn’t look good, it loses all the impact that a first impression should have. Now I don’t expect every single anime to have god-tier animations like Attack on Titan but, even average animations do. The anime I’m about to list had really bad animations making anime that could have been better into complete trash.

Animations are really important in an anime. Even if the story is good, bad animations can completely ruin it. so without wasting any more time, let’s get into it

7 Deadly Sins

7DS is one of the biggest victims of an anime murdered by bad animations. The fights in 7DS are really good but they are ruined by the flat and unshaded animation. The story is actually good too but the animations again ruin it. I am not a huge fan of 7DS but the story and fights are actually good but I have completely given up on the anime as animations are literally getting worse every season so I just went ahead and finished the manga. If you’re still bearing with those animations, hats off to you man. I literally cannot take those bright and flat-looking animations. I really suggest you read the manga cause I have a feeling that they will rush the anime.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Gou

Higurashi Gou

Oh god, I have to talk about this again huh? If you don’t know already, I absolutely detest Gou but, I love the original Higurashi and Kai. A huge reason why I hate Gou is its animations. I may have not given up on Gou after 20 episodes if the animations were even a little close to the original. The original animations were not God tier by any stretch but, they managed to capture both the moe and horror elements in them very masterfully. The new ones, on the other hand, flat, bright, and too much more feel which takes out the seriousness from every horror scene. The anime just feels horrible because all the seriousness is sucked dry because of these.

Dragon Ball Super

Of course, DBS is on the list. Thankfully though, after the first 2 arcs, the animation quality goes up in quality drastically. The first 2 arcs though, my god the animations were bad. Beerus’s introduction arc and golden Freeza arc animations just feel rushed. Goku looked so bad during his first fight with Beerus. The animations looked really flat and the CGI feels unfinished. The character designs look really bad sometimes. I mean they are so bad that so many memes have spawned off of them. This is a shame because both these arcs were actually good. Many people quit DBS because of these and missed the awesome Tournament of Power arc. you should really check out the tournament of power arc. you can enjoy that arc even if you don’t know anything about Dragon Ball.

One Punch Man Season 2

We all know how much-hyped OPM season 2 was and for good reason. The story really picks up from the season 2 part. There is lots of world-building and the story shifts into an overall darker tone with this arc. This arc was really good but, the animations completely murdered it. and it somehow feels like they were trying to make the animations better but ended up failing in the end. I don’t know how to explain why these were except for the fact that they are just bad. These were not flat and 2d-ish like the previous 3 entries but they were just bad. I have no idea if we will ever get an OPM season 3 but, u hope that the animations are better.


Yes yes, for most of the time Overlord had fairly decent animations but it feels like these really died in the 3rd season. Say what you will about Overlord as a whole, the first 2 seasons were actually good and the animations were really good too. Season 3 though, my god it was bad on multiple levels huh? Even season 3 animations weren’t as good as the first 2 seasons. The best example of bad animations is when AInz summons those tentacle thingies. Those tentacle thingies looked absolutely horrible. They looked so out of place because of the bad CGI. Look at screenshots of those things they look like a really bad Photoshop. Overlord is fine series overall but season 3 really messed up bad.

So those are my picks for the top 5 anime ruined by bad animations. Let me know down in the comments what you think of my picks let me know if there are other anime you would like to see up here. I am really thinking of doing part 2 of a few of my lists because the top 5 is a small number.Β  As always, stick around the website for more of my stuff, and do not forget to check out the awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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