Top 5 Anime Reboots That You Need To Watch

August 2, 2021
Top 5 Anime Reboots That You Need To Watch

Reboots of anime aren’t as common as reboots of movies. I mean we have seen Hollywood reboot so many of the old successful movies. Sometimes they are good like The Dark Knight Trilogy; sometimes they are really bad like Tom Cruise’s The Mummy and Predator reboot. If you ask me, The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Arkham games have the best representation of the Batman World.

Reboots of anime, on the other hand, are fairly uncommon and in most cases, reboots are much better than the original. Reboots of anime are generally made because when the original one came out, the source material (manga usually) wasn’t complete forcing the anime to have an original ending. The anime reboot then faithfully adapt the source material after its completion.

There are a few exceptions to this case but, we’ll talk about them in a bit. Before starting I’d like to warn you that a lot of reboots are really famous so this list has quite a bit of mainstream anime. also for the sake of the list, I am only doing reboots that were better than the original. Let’s start then

This is an example of the ongoing manga reboot thing. The original anime stopped short of the Chimera Ant arc before the manga went on hiatus again. They did some filler episodes and then left it.

After the 1999 version, it was in 2011 that we finally had enough material for a full arc. The 2011 version not only had improved animations, but it also had arguably the best arc in the Hunter x Hunter series yet. Will we get a 3rd Hunter x Hunter reboot years later when the manga has enough material for a full arc again? I don’t know, time will tell.

I almost forgot that Studio Deen did a UBW adaptation too. Yes, they did and I have watched it. I don’t know why but yeah, I have watched it. This is an exception of course as the source material isn’t a manga. The Studio Deen version is just an example of a bad adaptation overall.

Then the UFOTable version rolled around and it was a masterpiece. Really good animations, much better pacing, two really good and memorable openings, and a lot of other improvements. Why didn’t they make a Fate route reboot too? I don’t know. Even though I don’t like the Fate route as much, I’d still like to see an UFOTable version of it.

Hellsing Ultimate Anime Reboot

Ah yes, “The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame”. This again is an example of the ongoing manga issue. When the original version aired, the manga wasn’t anywhere close to ending so of course there were more than a few storyline deviations.

Then Ultimate came around after the manga ended. It had a much better story because of the manga of course and it also had really good animations. The original anime story was really bad though, they completely cut out the role of the actual villain in that. They put a villain of their own creation instead.

Fruits Basket Anime Reboot

Fruits Basket Anime Reboot

Ok, so I really didn’t know that the Fruits Basket we know and love now is a reboot. The original version came out way back in 2001 when the manga was ongoing. Of course, it had a lot of issues because of the manga and they ended up giving it an original ending. They also cut out a few important characters apparently.

The reboot is much better since the manga was over when it came around. It faithfully adapts the darker sections of the manga too which the original failed to represent. Fruits basket is good. I didn’t think that I’d like it but I ended up loving it.

Of course, this is number 1. In a list about reboots, what else did you expect to see on number 1? I won’t go into the argument of which storyline is better but, I personally like Brotherhood more. FMA also was the victim of the ongoing manga troupe.

People are huge fans of FMA Brotherhood, it has been the highest-rated anime for so long on MyAnimeList. It was dethroned a few times by anime like Attack on Titan and Fruits basket but it came back to its number one spot. That shows how much people like Brotherhood.


Well, that is all I have for now. Leave your thoughts down in the comments. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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