Right, it is the 11th week and I am back with some more covers you should not miss. I have said this many times before and I will say it again, I love doing these articles. They give me a chance to catch up with covers that came out in the week. These are rather stress-free too since I don’t need to do a heap load of research before writing.

Before we start, I’d like to remind you that the list is in random order. With that out of the way, let’s dive right and see what this week has to offer.

Connect by SLSMusic

So I found a new channel. I haven’t heard a lot of this man’s arrangements but, he is good. Connect is the opening theme of Madoka Magica and it is not an easy song to play. The song sounds so sweet and bouncy but it’s really tough o play on piano properly. I have tried it, so I am speaking from personal experience here. You can check out this video here.

3-pun 29-byou by Kaji

Another awesome new channel I stumbled upon. He plays drums and man he’s good. I never knew I needed drum covers in my life till I watched his videos. Fair warning though, it’d really help if you could read some Japanese before you visit his channel since all his video titles are in Japanese. 3-pun 29-byou is the opening theme of the awesome anime, 86. You can check out this video here.

I am really looking forward to watching more videos of these guys. I will put them on next week’s list too most probably.

Kawaki wo Ameku by Eddie van der Meer

This man is probably back on with regular upload but I don’t know since he hasn’t posted anything since last week. That doesn’t stop us from revisiting his old classic covers though. He has done so many awesome covers over the years it’s almost crazy. He is just awesome. Kawaki wo Ameku is a very famous opening. It is the opening theme of Domestic na Kanojo. You can check out this video here.

Vegeta Royal Blue Theme by Ru’s piano

Ru also did an interesting version of Kakyoin’s theme recently too but this one is far more epic. I mean Vegeta’s theme from DBS, no way it wouldn’t be awesome. The theme goes so damn well with Vegeta and his edginess. Ru did an awesome job of bringing the vibe of the original theme into her cover as usual. You can check out this video here.

Imagination by Animenz

Imagination is the first opening theme of Haikyuu. I didn’t know that Animenz-sensei made a cover of it too. It literally appeared randomly on my YouTube home and I was so surprised that this existed and I had not heard it. The master made an awesome arrangement of this song with his crazy technique as usual. You can check it out here.


That is all for this week. Leave your thoughts and suggestions down in the comments. Stay tuned for more content and I will see you in another article. See ya!

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