Top 5 Anime Covers to listen to This Week

September 7, 2021
Top 5 Anime Covers to listen to This Week1

Right, it is time for my personal favorite weekly series. I love all my articles but, these articles specifically are something special to me since I get to listen to more and more music. Sadly, I can’t mention the game or other type of music here because I listen to a lot of music. And, commonly, I sometimes stumble across something I really want others to listen to anime covers this week.

My personal feelings aside, anime music is good enough to run articles every week. People who say anime music isn’t art or that they don’t like it are idiots. So here are another 5 covers you should check out this week. As always, the list is in random order. We do have some really good covers to…cover this week. Let’s get started

Violet Evergarden Medley by Ru’s piano

Another beautiful cover medley by Ru. Man Violet Evergarden has such a beautiful and soulful soundtrack. I mean listening to some songs from Violet Evergarden really brings tears to my eyes. Ru combined some of the best songs from the series like WILL, Sincerely, etc into a beautiful medley, You can check this video out here.

Imagination by Halcyon Music

Imagination is the first and probably the most famous Haikyuu opening. This opening is just so reflective of the series’ theme and feel.  Everything from the song to the visuals in this opening are really good. Halcyon my man-made such a nice cover of this opening. He managed to capture all the feels of the song so well in this cover. You can check the video out here.

Kaikai Kitan by Kathie Violin

Ahh how much I love this song, kaikai Kitan is the first opening of Jujutsu Kaisem and is originally by one of my favorite artists, Eve. The grove and the feel of this song are just so amazing. if you have watched her videos before, you will know Kathie does cosplay while playing. This once she is cosplaying as Gojo-sensei and she literally played this song blindfolded. I am not joking check it out here if you don’t believe me. She deserves more appreciation guys.

Jolyne’s Theme by Fonzi M

“But Stone Ocean isn’t out yet” I hear you say? My man Fonzi somehow made an improvised version of Jolyne’s theme from the OST that was playing for the duration of the 1 hour Stone Ocean program. It sounds legit and goes well with the feel of Stone Ocean. I wouldn’t even be mad if they used Fonzi’s version of the song as is. You can check it out here.

Giorno’s Theme by Animenz

How’s this for a surprise upload. The master is back with a crazy arrangement of a crazy track. This guy really managed to covert this jazzy piece into his famous 10-hands style. Goes without saying it just sounds epic. Let me warn you though, you may experience pain in your left hand while watching this. you can check out this awesome cover here.


That is all for now anime covers this week. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions down in the comments. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our awesome art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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