Welcome back to another edition of our weekly musical covers series. This year is coming to an end now and at the time of writing, it’s Christmas. So what better way to spend Christmas than curling up in your bed and listening to some good music?

As for what you should listen to, don’t worry I got you covered. Like every week, this week I have some covers you should check out too. The list is in random order as always. And yea, with that, said let’s get our Christmas episodes underway.

Zankyou Sanka by Kaji

No no, I am not talking about Kaji’s original Zankyou Sanka cover. Instead, we are talking about the more recent collab version of this cover. This cover is a collab between Kaji and Kafu. It is a drum and piano arrangement mixed with vocals. It sounds really different from the original and yet it feels so good to listen to this one. I love this cover. You can check it out here.

Smile for You by SLSMusic

Smile for You is a song from SAO: Ordinal Scale which is sung by a rather fan-favorite character, Yuna in the movie. Yuna’s voice actress, Sayaka Kanda recently passed away so this is SLS’s way of paying her respects. Ordinal Scale is one of my more favorite SAO parts and, tragically, we lost such a talented voice actor. You can feel the emotion in this cover. Check it out here.

Sparkle by Kitsune Melodies

Sparkle is an OST from the beloved movie Your Name. Your Name had some really good OSTs man; just thinking of it makes me wanna rewatch the movie. Kitsune is not using his own arrangement for this cover; he combined Animenz and Theishter arrangements but man it still sounds really good. He also posted a tutorial video of this same arrangement so you can check that out too. Check out the cover here.

Loneliness (Uchiha Clan OST) by Ru’s Piano

This track, Loneliness is the track often used as a theme song for the Uchiha clan throughout Naruto. I love how this piece’s arrangement is rather scarce, this helps in driving the pauses home. All of that really helps in amplifying the sadness and loneliness factor. Another notable piece that uses a similar technique is Gywn’s theme from Dark Souls. The melody is left scarce on purpose. Ru does an awesome job in highlighting those pauses. You can check out the cover here.

One Last Kiss by Animenz

Here is a special treat for you guys on this special episode. One Last Kiss is an OST from Evangelion 3.0+1.0 movie. The movie is an absolute masterpiece and seriously does justice to all of the Evangelion franchise. This OST will most likely be stuck in your head for quite some time once you watch the movies. I don’t even need to tell you that Animenz has awesome covers this point now so go ahead and check it out here.


That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Merry Christmas to everyone, even though I don’t know when you will see this article. Stay tuned for more content and I will see you in another article!

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