Here we are back again on our musical weekly list of anime covers. It’s officially the 4th week of the series. I hope you’ve been enjoying my recommendations for the past 3 weeks as much as I enjoyed them myself. So here we are in another week with another 5 covers you should definitely check out.

Before we begin, as usual, the list is in random order. Also, leave your anime covers suggestions down in the comments. I’d like to know what channels you usually listen to. So, let’s get started then

A Cruel Angle’s Thesis by Fonzi M

I don’t know if Fonzi has done a cover of this song before but I am talking about the recent one where he and Kitsune Melodies are playing different arrangements of the song. 2 versions are played by Fonzi and 2 are played by Kitsune.

I’ve said this before too, I love to see various takes on the same track and Fonzi does this sort of video a lot. He included his own new arrangement of the song too which sounds much brighter than the original. You can find the video here.

Your Lie in April Medley by Kitsune Melodies

A proper shout-out to Kitsune Melodies this once. As you probably know Your Lie in April music hits hard. Really hard. So be prepared. You should definitely check out Kitsune’s channel, he does easy tutorial videos and his own takes on Animenz’s arrangements too. He has a good variety of videos. You can check out the video here.

Aozora no Rhapsody by HalcyonMusic

Aozora no Rhapsody is the first opening of Kobayashi –san chi no Maid Dragon. The opening embodies the feel of the anime so well. It is so fun and carefree with all the characters dancing and all. Halcyon does a really good job of conveying this theme it is just so good to listen to. You can check out the video here.

Megalovania x Giorno’s Theme by Rob Landes

A really old video but I really like this video. I wish Rob starts doing anime stuff again. He’s doing a lot of meme stuff right. While I have no objection to that, it has been a while since he did anything related to anime. This video though is really fire. Both songs are really different but they somehow go really well together. You can check it out here.

Yu Gi Oh Piano Medley by Ru’s Piano

Ru’s latest video. Little less than a day old at the time of writing. She has her cosplay on, as usual, this once she is dressed as Black Magician Girl. Now Yu Gi Oh soundtrack is really good and this medley proves that. So nice to turn on and bob your head to. You can check this video out here.


That is it for this week. Leave your thoughts and recommendations down in the comments. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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