Welcome back to another week of our weekly musical series. It is the 23rd edition of this series and I still can’t believe we have come such a long way. It’ll soon be a year since I started this job. It will probably be New Year by the time you all see this, so I wish everyone a very happy and beautiful year ahead; may you achieve all that you want.

So what better way to celebrate New Year than with some really good music? Don’t worry guys, I got you covered. I got some awesome stuff for you this week as well. Since it is a new year special and all, I’ll mix up some of my favorite covers from the year with the new releases. The list is in random order as always so, let’s dive right into it.

My War by Kathie Violin

Starting off with a rather old entry we have My War’s cover by Kathie Violin. Kathie is someone who deserves much more attention than she gets. When I started listening to her, she was at like 20k something subs, now she is at 112k. I am so happy that she is getting the attention she deserves. If these articles helped her even in the slightest, I’d be happy. I am specifically putting this cover because I just love her twist on this song. Check it out here.

Like Flames by Drumstick

For another old entry, we have Like Flames by Drumstick. Originally by another YouTube artist, MindaRyn; Like Flames is the second opening theme of TenSura Season 2. I feel like this is one of Drumstick’s more underrated covers and this deserves more views. I love the opening and I love Drumstick’s covers. You can check it out here.

Déjà vu by Eddie van der Meer

I had to include this in my “this year’s favorite covers” list. I just love vibing to this song and Eddie’s cove is just perfect. Initial D OST is perfect to listen to when you wanna stay awake/active. The amount of energy Initial D OST can fill you with is just crazy. And I just can’t praise Eddie’s covers enough. He is so skilled and his covers are really catchy. You can check it out here. I just wish he uploaded more frequently… but, oh well.

We’ll Be Alright by Ru’s Piano

We’ll Be Alright is an OST from the awesome movie, Weathering with You. I mentioned 3 older covers so the remaining 2 will be new ones. Seriously though, I don’t think there has been a single article in this series where I haven’t mentioned Ru’s covers. She uploads really good covers and she puts them up fast like she does at least 2 videos per week. I really appreciate her hard work and her covers. You can check it out here. She is really close to 2 mil subs; I hope she reaches 2 mil subs on the New Year.

Zankyou Sanka by Animenz

And the master has finally dropped his cover for this banger track. I don’t think I even need to tell what Zankyou Sanka is at this point because literally, every single cover channel has covered this track by now. And the one cover I was really looking forward to has finally dropped. Animez’s version of Zankyou Sanka is exactly how you’d expect it to be. It is nuts. Just check it out here; you will know what I mean soon.


That is it for this week. Again, I wish you all a very happy New Year ahead. Stay tuned for more content and yeah, I will see you later!

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