Yes, we are here with another weird list. This once though, it looks like I am going to enjoy it as many of my favorite characters have white hair. I don’t know why but I really like seeing white hair in anime. Probably because you can’t have white hair in real life unless you are old. Even then you would most likely have grey hair.

Let us put my personal preferences aside and get started. The rule is the same as the previous list: all shades of white count (including silver). Let’s get started then.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyk from Hunter x Hunter

Starting off the list, we have our assassin boy from Hunter x Hunter. He is from a family of famous assassins. He has raised as an assassin himself. He soon got bored of the assassin life and his family and decided to become a Hunter for fun. He is easily one of the strongest characters in the anime.

Unlike Gon, he is smart and focuses on speed more than strength. To create his own unique ability, this guy shocked himself with stun guns for days. In exchange though, he gained the ability to manifest and control electricity. This allows him to move extremely fast and shock his enemies. He is a really cool character. You really should check out 2011’s Hunter x Hunter.

Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach

Let me be clear, Hitsugaya was always kind of a badass but his post timeskip version is just amazing. It is so cool that it leaves his pre timeskip version in the dirt. I will be honest here, the first time I really thought that this guy is a badass when he appeared with the other captains in the Fullbring arc. He has one of the strongest Zanpakutos in the entire series with lots of room to grow even stronger.

He became a squad captain at a very young age because of his strength. Then he had a scene in the Thousand Year Blood War where he literally killed everyone with his badassery. His TYBW look is just so cool. Damn, I can’t wait to see that scene in animation finally. Bleach! Come back quick! I miss you so much.

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

This guy is the person who kick-started my love for white-haired characters as Tokyo Ghoul was the 3rd anime I ever watched. I feel sorry for the anime onlies though as they missed the best part of the manga. The 2nd season of the anime completely deviated from the manga for some reason. This is really sad that as that particular arc is easily the best arc of the series and Kaneki’s character growth is just amazing in this part.

Unlike going to Aogiri like the anime, Kaneki stays at Anteiku. Instead of being completely cold like the anime, in the manga he accepts his ghoul half but is not completely cold. He learns how to fight yet he spends time with others. He even plays with Hinami whenever he has time! seriously, check out the manga. The anime does not do justice to it.


Jiraiya from Naruto

Originally I was planning on putting Kakashi here but since I already put him on another list recently, Jiraiya sensei it is. I mean I can’t praise Jiraiya sensei enough. He may not be the strongest character in Naruto (he is still one of the stronger ones) but you can’t argue that we all cried on his death and as a character, he is just amazing.

He was given the nickname “Pervy Sage” by Naruto which was well deserved. He was a pervert, he was funny, he was strong and he gave his life to protect his village and Naruto. Jiraiya sensei was also an author. Kakashi sensei loved his “icha icha” books. Man just remembering this man brings tears to my eyes. I will go listen to “Sign” now.

Sakata Gintoki from Gintama

Who better to finish off the list than our Gin-san. A huge reason for Gin-san being an amazing character is his voice acting. He is voiced by the walking meme, Tomokazu Sugita. I mean if you hear Sugibro speaking in real life, it feels like it is Gin-san speaking rather than Sugibro. That is how much their personas are alike.

Not only that, Gin-san is still a badass for some reason. When he’s not eating sweets or slacking off, he is chopping aliens in half with his wooden sword. Yes, with a wooden sword he can still cut for some reason. Back in the war days, the aliens were afraid of Gin-san even though he is only a human. What else do you need in a character, he is funny, he cares for people and when the time comes, he becomes a badass. Gin-san is just amazing.

Those were my picks for the top 5 anime characters with white hair. I did kinda cheat in Kaneki’s case because of his white hair and not natural but I wanted to put him on the list. Well, as always do not forget to check out our awesome art section and stay tuned for more content. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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