So here we are at the starting of an odd series of lists. My dear friend, my mod randomly asked to do a few lists like so I obliged with his request of course. Can’t deny a request from a person who technically my boss, can I now?

Well anyway, saying anime characters usually have vibrant hair would be a huge understatement. God knows how many colors of hair and eyes exist in anime. So we are doing an odd list of the top 5 anime characters with red hair. Now before we start keep 3 things in your mind: any shade of red will do, red should be their natural hair color so no characters like Goku and finally, these are my personal preferences let me know yours in the comments. So let’s get started.

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Even if you have not watched Fairy Tail, you can guess by her name how her hair color is. I am starting off with my most favorite waifus of all time. you see Erza is a very well-balanced character. Not only she is really very strong and badass, but she is also very cute at times making her a top-tier waifu.

She can switch armors and weapons on the fly granting her various abilities and fighting styles. Her most iconic armor is the “Elf Queen” armor capable of summoning an Unlimited Blade Works basically. Goes without saying, that is a fan service-heavy anime like Fairy Tail she has more than a few “revealing” armor sets. I have no idea how those are practical at all but hey, we like those.

Uzumaki Kushina from Naruto

How can I ignore Ksuhina while speaking of red hair? Her hair is so beautiful I have no idea why her classmates teased her for her hair color. Thankfully there was one other person like me, Minato who liked her hair color. She is easily one of the best anime moms of all time. just from what little interaction we have seen between Naruto and her, you can already tell it would have been a very different anime with her in it.

She has the signature angry mode of all anime moms and apparently, she was a really strong Shinobi as well. Because of the Uzumaki lineage, she had immense amounts of Chakra further increased by Kurama’s presence. She was extremely skilled in the Uzumaki clan’s signature seal techniques. Even though she had little screen time, she was a very well-done character.

Nakahara Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs

For the first male character on the list, we have no one other than Dazai’s best friend and probably the 2nd best character in the series. Chuuya is the opposite of Dazai in literally all aspects. He is hot-headed but not completely crazy like Dazai. Despite being hot-headed, he is one of the more reasonable characters in the series.

He fights for the joy of fighting and loves it when his opponent puts up a good fight. Despite all this, he doesn’t kill people as long as he has to. His best reactions surface when he’s with Dazai. Just look at any of their random conversations and you will burst out laughing really hard for the most part. He is a really cool character. Everything from his looks to his ability is really cool.

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter

Perfect follow up to Chuuya another character who has at least a couple of his screws loose. Hisoka is also someone who takes great joy in fighting and absolutely loves it when someone he knows returns stronger. He even spares people he sees potential in so that they may return stronger than before to face him. This man literally gets an orgasm out of a good fight.

His abilities are nothing special, but the way he uses them is just mind-blowing. He uses his abilities with such finesse that many people don’t even know what his abilities actually are. Most of all, signature smile, and my god his smile is just so…so… I don’t have words to express it. I am hoping my mod will put Hisoka’s picture here so that you can see for yourself.

Sora from No Game No Life

There was one other really good suitor for the first position, Akabane Karma but I like Sora more than him. Keeping up with the trend of anime characters with a few screws loose, we have Sora. This man is just crazy his brain works on a completely different level. He may not be as good as his sister in games (he is still much better than us mortals) but, when it comes to planning and scheming no one can beat this man. That’s he and his sisters together are unbeatable in the world of No Game No Life.

He put the entire human race on the line in a game of coin toss. He is a mad lad I’m telling you. His every move is calculated and he has outsmarted every opponent he has faced. According to me, there is no one more fitting to end this list woth than him.

Those were my picks for the top 5 anime characters with red hair. Let me know down in the comments who you would have put on the list. Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion and I will hear yours in the comments. As usual, stay tuned for more articles, and do not forget to check out our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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