Welcome back to another edition of our anime art series. It will soon be a year since I started this job and man I am so stoked about it. I love this job and I really hope I can continue on this for a long time. I really hope that you have been having fun reading my articles this past year too!

With all that out of the way though, let’s talk about what we are here for. Art! We have an awesome selection of art this week too. IG and Twitter are full of such talented artists, it’s mind-blowing at times. The list is in random order as always, so yeah let’s jump right into it.

Dabi (BNHA) by ygartprism

Dabi is one of the coolest characters in BNHA, period. The way he speaks, his blue flames, the way he looks and all, he’s really cool. This art really brings out the cool factor well. I love the details on the charred parts of the skin and the flames look really cool. I don’t know what the artist used to make this but, this art looks so clean and amazing. You can check out the original post here and the artist, ygartprism on IG here.

Art 4th Week 2022

Keith (Voltron: Legendary Defender) by barleebread

So this is a video so I can’t post a sort of preview here but, the art is really awesome. Keith from Voltron is a very fan-favorite character. It may be arguable if Voltron is technically an anime or not but, it is a great man. I really recommend checking out. This art is awesome though, it is digital art yet it looks very close to hand-drawn art, which is pretty crazy. Check out the clip here and barleebread on IG here.

JotaroKujo (JoJo) by warrickwong

This looks just insane man. It looks so freaking cool; I just can’t get this art out of my mind. I really want to print this as a poster and stick it on my room’s wall. I love how the artist went full black while making Jotaro and then made Star Platinum with just purple. This art really looks awesome. Part 3 is one of my favorites if not my favorite part and this art is epic. Check out the original post here and warrickwong on IG here.


Original Character by _stato_

Ok so I am 90% certain that this is an OC but, it really looks like something out of Platinum End to me so forgive me if it is a future character. I have not read the manga so I don’t know if someone like this shows up. I mean still appreciate the art nonetheless. The art is just awesome, the details on the clothes, wings, and mask are insane. I really like this one man. Check out the original post here and _stato_ on IG here.


Nezuko (Demon Slayer) by minimal.kia

This is an art of Nezuko from the latest episode where she just went ham. Uzui also started showing just how strong he is too. This art is apparently a work in progress. It already looks this good so I am really curious how good it will be once it is completed. Nezuko looks so cool in her demon form man, I love all the wine and flower-style tattoos on her body.So, check out the original post here and minimal.kia on IG here.



That is all for now. We had a lot of great art this week too so I really appreciate all the artists that keep doing their thing every single day. So, I request you all to go and check out their pages too. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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