So welcome back to another edition of our weekly art series. Probably this is this year’s last anime art article because by the time you see the next one; it will already be New Year by then most likely. So well, here we had another week with some more awesome art. Even though I am not fond of IG, I also don’t get bored of it just because of all the awesome artists on there.

Here we are back again with some more art pieces that really caught our eyes. Remember, the list is in random order as always. And, make sure to check out the artists on IG, I will make sure to link their profiles in like always. Alright, so let’s get started.

Anbu Itachi (Naruto) by ochrefoxtattoo

I remember saying this before, I feel like Itachi’s Anbu look is underrated. If you ask me, among Yamato, Kakashi, Sai, and Itachi the Anbu attire suits Itachi the most. He seriously looks perfect with that tanto and that mask. This art depicts Anbu Itachi on top of a pole with the Uchiha crest in the background. It looks cool beyond anything I can describe. I don’t know what the artist used to make this art but, the art style really looks incredible. I love what they did with the background and the clouds. You can check out the original post here and the ochrefoxtattoo on IG here.


Deku but as Bakugo (BNHA) by

Yes, you did not read the titles wrong. It is very much what it says it is. I am going, to be honest; Deku’s bug eyes look so out of place in Bakugo’s costume. It is an interesting concept nonetheless. I love it when people somehow make one character in another’s outfit. I know thanks to the Reel that this art is made from watercolors. I don’t know how you get watercolors to look that great but yeah, that is true. I can’t put an image below this one since this post is a Reel and I’d rather not have that “play” icon on the screenshot so you can check it out here and on IG here.

Todoroki (BNHA) by todorokidrawings

I usually try to avoid putting the art of the same anime in the same article but, this piece warranted it. It just looks so damn cool. I can’t get enough of this art; I love the semi-realistic art style. Then, there are the details like Endeavor’s face in the flames and Todoroki’s Mother’s face in the ice. This art really just looks epic. You can check out the original post here and the artist on IG here. And yes, they do draw other characters despite being named todorokidrawings.


Multiple Character (DB) by _tolgart

Just as the caption of this post says, this art has the eyes of mist powerful Saiyans in their strongest forms. I am not up to date on DB story so I wouldn’t risk misnaming something but yeah, I know all of the characters I just don’t know all of the modes. Like I don’t know what mode Vegeta is using. This art is just amazing though. DB has a different style of eyes than compared to other anime. They are more triangular and this art style really looks like something official from DB. You can check out the original post here and _tolgart on IG here.


Levi (AoT) by beq_art

This is Reel once again, so I can’t post an image. You can check it out here. The art has a plain old Levi sketch, nothing crazy even though it looks awesome. But, apparently, the artist messed up his second eye and they started having fun drawing different types of eyes from different anime in place of his 2nd eye. Sometimes it is more than just the eye that is changing like in Sukuna’s case. It is a fun reel. Check out beq_art on IG here.


That is it for now. Let me know all your thoughts and recommendations down in the comments. Make sure to stay tuned to the website, I have all sorts of interesting stuff coming up. And yea, with that, said I will take my leave here. See ya!

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