Welcome back to another edition of our weekly art series. Internet is a crazy place. On one hand, we have stuff like Twitter that may give you a headache that lasts all day long; on the other, we have a lot of good stuff too. As I believe though, it depends on where you look. Take IG for instance. It has its problems but, so many good art pieces are posted on IG every single day that I just can’t ignore it even if want to.

So well, here we are back again with 5 more art pieces that caught our eyes this week. The list is in random order as always and I will be sure to link the original post and the artist’s IG as always too. Well then, let’s get started right away.

Itsuki (The Quintessential Quintuplets) by giahewro_

I…. do I need to explain why this caught my eyes? This is the stuff you save to your phone’s “that” folder…. I mean the “must protect” folder you filthy degenerates. Jokes and the typical cultured-talk aside, this art is just on another level. It is really hard to believe that this is just made using color pencils. Like look at the shine and shading, I don’t know how you achieve this much perfection by just using color pencils. Check out the original post here and giahewro_ on IG here.


Draken (Tokyo Revengers) by minimal.kia

That expression says it all. Draken is pissed and when he is pissed, people get their butts kicked. This art is amazing. I love the details on the clothes, the intensity of the expression, the way his hair is done. It is just perfect. Once again, it is amazing how people can put in this much amount of detail with just the humble pencil. Check out the original post here and minimal.kia on IG here.

Rengoku and his Mom

Rengoku and his Mom (Demon Slayer) by mikanndraws

Ok, this image says a lot. Rengoku-san as a child hugging his crying mother…. It is a heavy scene man. Rengoku-san is a great person and his mother was a huge influence on his personality. The details in this art are just amazing. Not only did the artist manage to catch the quirks of Demon Slayer’s art style they created an image you can feel. I really like the details on her hair, they look so pretty. Check out the original post here and mikanndraws on IG here. They have some great Demon Slayer art.

3rd Week January

Gaara (Naruto) by mughii_art

Ok, what is up with all this crazy pencil art we’re having today? I didn’t notice this when I was gathering up stuff for this week. Not complaining though as long as it looks good. I love this art style. It is part 1 Gaara, the villain version of Gaara. The half side covered by Shukaku’s influence looks hella cool as well. That really makes this art for me. Check out the original post here and mughii_art on IG here.


Luffy (One Piece) by david_._freeman

Everyone knows who Luffy is. Like, you don’t even need to be an anime fan to know what One Piece is or who Luffy is. That is the sort of reach Oda-sensei and One Piece have. This art is just fantastic. The straws on the hat, the rough hair, the scar, the jacket, this art looks so perfect. The ragged feeling of this art complements Oda-sensei’s art style so much, it is great. Check out the original post here and david_._freeman on IG here.



That is all for now. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations down in the comments. We had a lot of good art this week so I am really happy. Well, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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