It’s been a rough week here man. Had a project presentation and summer is in full swing here. It is hot as hell; we’re seeing 40Β°C+ temps here and it is not fun. Daily commute turns into a total slog because of this. With that said though, one thing I still find time to enjoy in my daily commute is some awesome anime art. Our community is blessed with some of the best artists and we here try to shout them out as much as we can.

So welcome back to another week of our anime art series! We are back with some more awesome art pieces that caught our eyes this week.Β The list is in random order, as always so let’s get started right away.

Kitagawa Marin (My Dress-up Darling) by godssoni_

Right off the bat, I love the color scheme of this art. It is very different from the bright colors of the original art style and still, it doesn’t look off. It’s great art, this dude got the proportions and expressions right down to a T. Marin has been a fan-favorite character ever since the anime came out and that’s well warranted. Check out the original post here and the artist on IG here.


Mikasa (AoT) by

I have been covering this artist’s works for a while now and man, their art is always so good. This piece is no exception to that. I can’t post an image of this awesome piece sadly as it is a clip but do check it out because it is awesome. The art style is crisp as always and the watercolors are masterfully used. Check out the original post here and the artist on IG here.

Tengen (Demon Slayer) by fantom.arts

Now, thisΒ looks just awesome doesn’t it? Tengen is such a chad man, he is so awesome. I love how this art looks, it is so colorful and man, he just looks big doesn’t he? I love the art style and the proportions are pretty good. It is different from the original art style but I still love it; it instantly draws your attention. Check out the artist on IG here and the original post here.


Original Character by nashimanga

OK… forgive me for this one. It was my boss who asked me to put this one on, and I can’t say no to him. I will try my best not to step into FBI territory but, I have to admit it is a pretty good art piece. My favorite part of the art is the eyes and the water droplets. I like those parts and yea, I don’t wanna say more than that. Check out the original post here and the artist on IG here.


Toga (BNHA) by mikanndraws

Ok so I am no artist but I bet you, Toga is a very fun character to draw. Like some of her expressions are so good; they are the mix between cute and murderious at same time somehow. To top it all off, she wears a school uniform. This sketch is so so good man, it brings a smile to my face. I love it, the art style is very crisp and clean too. Check out the artist on IG here and the original post here.



Well that is all for now. Let me know what you think down in the comments. I will take my leave here; I’ll go check out the Irodori festival on Genshin now. And yeah, I will see you next time!

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