Welcome back guys to another week of our weekly art showcase. We are so close to this year’s end now and it is kind of unreal how much stuff happened in this year and how fast it went by. It will probably be New Year by the time you guys get to read this, so I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May the year ahead be prosperous for you all!

My New Year greetings aside, we have some more good art selections for you guys this week as well. Please do check out the artists on IG as well, I will link their pages as always. The list is in random order as always too, so let’s get started.

Original Character by _stato_

So apparently this is one of the characters from Stato’s sketchbook. I love this art. The style is awesome, I love the look she has on her face, I love the attention to detail, etc. Like I’ve said so many times before, I have no idea how people can make something that looks this good with just a pencil. The shadow effects in this art piece are really well done despite being so simple. Check out the original post here and _stato_ on IG here.


Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) by eloy_drawing

This art is really eye-catching. It is so colorful; it attracts your attention immediately.  The details in the art are just amazing, I mean look at the eyes they look so pure just like they are supposed to. The red hair looks really good and I like the shading the artist has done. This is apparently made using color pencils which is just insane. Check out the original post here and eloy_drawing on IG here.


Deku (BNHA) by _29_0_17

I love the color scheme of this art. It is much brighter than normally what Deku looks like. Looking at this art, it really reminds me of the time when Deku fought Overhaul with like crazy powered up One-for-All. The glowing bright green is very similar to that. Aside from that, the art is very minimalistic in a good way. I love how the outlines just naturally fade into the paper. You can check out the original post here and _29_0_17 on IG here.


Gojou-sensei (Jujutsu Kaisen) by za______kii

I legit mistook this art for a cosplay till I saw the hair. This person does realistic style sketches of anime characters and they look really good. Cosplay is usually hit or miss but this guy’s sketches are just something else. I really love this realistic style and I don’t know how he stops it from looking weird. Hats to this dude off man, he is doing something very different and interesting out here. Check out the original post here and za______kii on IG here.


Yotsuya Miko (Mieruko-chan) by ever0w0

Yes, her name is Miko. Many people still like to call here Mieruko-chan but, that’s fine. This art is really pretty though. I love the color shades he picked. They are so satisfying to look at. I always liked Miko’s purple hair highlights and yellow/gold eyes. And as the artist says in the post caption, you should definitely check this anime out. For now, though, check out the original post here and ever0w0 on IG here.



That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations down in the comments. A very happy New Year to you all once again and I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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