The Top 10 Anime for Spring 2020

Hello anime fans, in this article will be taking a look at our top 10 anime to watch for the spring 2020 anime season.

Anime fans will definitely enjoy the spring season as the spring lineup promises to be an interesting one. Sadly, we are all currently restricted in one way or another due to the corona virus. However, anime fans have a lot to look forward to this season as the spring lineup looks quite interesting. This spring we will see some of our favorite shows being renewed for new seasons. While new anime series have also been added to the lineup. It almost feels like putting ten anime on this list wouldn’t do it justice. Anyways, this is our top 10 anime to watch for the spring 2020 anime season.


Ahiru no Sora

Basketball and non-basketball fans alike would find this anime exciting. Sora Kurumatani is a young basketball player who inherited a great passion for the sport from his mother. Despite being shorter than most basketball players, Sora possesses great skill. His goal is to get to the top of high school basketball. However, he faces an unexpected challenge as his high school basketball club is populated by delinquents. The story follows Sora as he tries to revive his school’s basketball team and win a high school basketball tournament.

A Certain Scientific Railgun

Asta-Black Clover

~ Asta

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Black clover

Hardcore anime fans are definitely no strangers to this series. The story follows the growth of two protagonists- Asta and Yuno. They both share a dream of becoming the strongest mage in the land known as the wizard king. They were raised together. While growing up, Asta discovers he has no magical power while Yuno is easily able to control magic. When the two boys come of age, Yuno obtains a special four-leaf clover Grimoire. The Grimoire helps him harness his magic even more. Asta is given nothing as he lacks magical power but he is able to obtain a five-leaf clover Grimoire. The Grimoire helps him compete with those that possess magical powers. The two boys head off into the world with the hopes of achieving their ultimate goal- to become the wizard king.

“Taoru Kagaku no Railgun” tells us about Mikoto Misaka, a middle school student. She is ranked 3rd among the 7 level 5 espers in Academy City. When unusual things begin to happen in Academy city, Mikoto begins to investigate. He finds out that these happenings are linked to a rare device that increases the esper level of its user. Mikoto and her friends find themselves caught up in dangerous situations as she tries to make her city a better place.

Food wars the fifth plate

Food wars “Shokugeki no Soma” follows our protagonist Yukihira Soma as he enrolls in Japan’s apex Totsuki culinary academy in a bid to better his cooking skills and experience. As Soma progresses through Totsuki, he takes advantage of Totsuki’s tradition of cooking battles known as “Shokugeki” to climb up the ladder in the academy. He makes a lot of friends along the way. Yuihihira is also able to clinch the 1st seat in the school’s elite ten. Food wars the fifth plate is the final season of this exciting anime series that has kept anime lovers around the world glued to their screens. Anime fans around the world definitely want to know how it all ends for our fearless protagonist Soma. This makes this series one of the most expected series of spring 2020.

Tower of God

Tower of God tells the story of twenty-fifth Bam, a boy who has lived most of his life beneath a vast tower with his friend Racheal. Racheal decides to ascend the tower in search of adventure, leaving Bam alone beneath the tower. Bam decides to enter the tower in search of his friend Racheal. Along the way, Bam is faced with different challenges as he moves through each level of the tower in search of his friend Racheal. He gains allies along the way and fights his way up the tower while growing as a character. We learn about the mysteries of the tower as the story progresses. We see Bam grow from a weakling to a formidable warrior.

The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

This anime tells us about Shingo Ichinomiya who lives a pretty normal life until the day he falls asleep and wakes up in a different world. Ichinomiya finds himself in a fantasy world as a boy named Wendelin von Benno Baumeister. Even though his new family is a noble one, Wendelin would inherit nothing as he is the 8th son of the Baumeister family. One day while going through his father’s library, Wendelin discovers a magical orb which makes him discover his magical abilities. With the help of a former court wizard named Alfred, Wendelin is able to grow into a strong powerful mage and adventurer.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2

The first season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War stole the hearts of anime fans all over the world with its unique delivery of romantic comedy. The show focuses on two high schoolers. They both have feelings for each other but are too proud to admit these feelings. These two characters would do anything they can to get the other party to confess their feelings first. Season 2 promises to be even more exciting as we can’t wait to see what new tricks these two characters have up their sleeves.

Fruits Basket season 2

Fruit Basket tells the story of Tohru, an orphaned high school girl who goes to live with her classmates from the very rich and influential Soma family. The Soma family is cursed to turn into different animals from the Chinese zodiac if they are embraced by people of the opposite gender. Season 2 promises to be more exciting and would give viewers more insight into the Soma family curse and how it affects those that suffer from it.

Ascendance of a Bookworm season 2

This show tells us about Urano Motosu, a girl who has a huge passion for reading. She aspires to become a librarian but dies before her dream can come true. Before she dies, she wishes that she is able to read more books in her next life. She is reincarnated as a 5-year-old girl living in an era where books are very expensive. She is determined not to let this stop her dream as she decides to make these books herself if she can’t get them easily.

Yesterday wo Utatte

Yesterday wo Utatte tells us the story of a young man named Rikuo Uozumi. He finishes college and takes up a job at a convenience store. He is pretty comfortable with his uneventful life until he meets his ex-girlfriend and things begin to turn around for the better.

There you have it guys. these are our top 10 anime to watch for the spring anime season. if you like content like this and would like to see more, click here. Cheers.

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