So finally, a review for TenSura season 2. I purposefully held out on the review till the anime ended despite knowing what will happen. So here we are and man this season has been awesome. Trust me when I say this though, a few of the upcoming arcs will leave this season in the dust. This arc is awesome don’t get me wrong but, the TenSura series is long and a lot of crazy stuff is coming.

Well, future stuff aside let’s focus on the current stuff for now. I didn’t do a review for the first cour of the 2nd season, so I am treating this as a full TenSura season 2 review. Don’t worry; there will be no major spoilers ahead. So let’s get right into it


The plot picks off where TenSura season 1 left off. Rimuru is ambushed by Hinata Sakaguchi and Tempest is attacked by the combined forces of Blumund and the Western Holy Church. Rimuru finally ascends to Demon Lord Form and defeats the opposing forces. The 2nd Cour of the season revolves around defeating Clayman.

The first Cour is for battle stuff and centers on the Demon Lord Ascension. I won’t spoil much but, the Demon Lord Ascension was a very important part. The 2nd Cours follows up and revolves around the meeting of all Demon Lords, Walpurgis banquet.

The first cour is more tension and action-heavy. The second cour pushes the plot forward and does more world-building. Both combined together make for a very good and complete TenSura season.

TenSura Season 2 Review – Slime Power!-plot


In TenSura Season 2, the character development of all main characters just skyrockets; Rimuru especially. He becomes way colder and collected after becoming Demon Lord. Earlier he was reluctant to kill anyone but now, he won’t hesitate to do anything in his power to protect his kingdom.

Along with Rimuru, his skill Great Sage also ascends to Wisdom King Raphael, so even his skill receives a lot of character development. Wisdom King Raphael is much more human-like compared to Great Sage and even has emotions.

Other than them, I’d say Benimaru and Shion received the most character development. Again, I would rather not step into spoiler territory but both of them became much better characters overall. The new characters introduced were fine, not too crazy but not forgettable either. All of the Demon Lords though will have very important roles in the later arcs of TenSura.

Animations and Soundtrack

TenSura animations are really good. They may not be god-tier but they are still awesome. The fights look really cool. I love how they go from the usual bright to a darker tone of animations during the fights. That represents the tone shift from normal fluff to something serious really well. 8 bit really did a good job on this anime.

As for the soundtracks more than the actual soundtrack, the sound effects really stand out. The sound effects are really clear and well done. Skill casting sound effects especially are really well done. Aside from that, both of the opening and ending themes are really good, especially the 2nd opening theme is just awesome.


Here are my final scores for TenSura season 2:

  • Plot – 9/10
  • Characters – 8/10
  • Animations – 8/10
  • Soundtrack – 8/10
  • World-building – 9/10
  • Enjoyment – 10/10
  • Slime Power – 10/10
  • Overall – 9/10

That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. I have some good articles coming up so I will see you there. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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