I know this article is a little late but please forgive me. “The Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime” is easily one of the best isekai anime ever. It has a good plot that only gets better as it progresses, good characters, and fairly decent world-building. The world-building is where most isekais get stuck but, TenSura has really good world-building as well.

Most of all, starting this season Rimuru’s character development will be a pure joy watching. I am really excited for season 2 part 2 because the story really picks up from this point on.

Good news for all of us TenSura fans is season 2 part 2 dropping real soon. So

What do we know about TenSura season 2 part 2?

TenSura season 2 part 2 trailer dropped last week and they gave a confirmed release date for the anime. When is anime releasing? Well, it’s coming out in July. I really wasn’t expecting part 2 to come out this quick. I was thinking it’d come out in the fall or winter season but no, I was wrong. Well anyway, it’s good to hear that it’s coming out much earlier than I expected.

As for the plot, this season will see Rimuru destroying Clayman, him going to the gathering of Demon Lords the Walpurgis, Veldora’s resurrection, and Remiris foretelling the destruction of Tempest. None of these are spoilers as all of these things are shown in the trailer. So I did not spoil anything. I could have spoiled a lot of things but, I only said the things that were mentioned in the trailer. Mark my words though; the story is really going to go crazy from this point on.


This once it’s simple, the new season will be absolutely awesome. They are skipping a few parts and rearranging the manga a little as I noticed in season 2 part 1. If they keep it to that much, it will be good for sure. My only concern is that the skipping should not increase more than this.

If they skip stuff in the upcoming arc, the anime can grow really awkward. But, up until now, they have been skipping very skillfully so maybe I should not worry. Well anyhow, it should be safe to have high expectations because the upcoming parts are just awesome.


Well, that is all I have for now. You can check the season 2 part 2 trailer here. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the trailer and if you are excited about the new season! The trailer looks cool obviously. I am pretty damn excited for the new season myself. Really looking forward to it and am actually happy that it is coming out sooner than I expected despite my concerns.

As usual, hang around the website for more of my articles, and do not forget to check our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take y leave here. See ya!

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