So TenSura Season 2 cour 2 ended just yesterday and we already have a movie announcement for the series. I am so excited about this movie even though more than a year away. TenSura is one of the best isekais out there that is for sure. Some people will say otherwise but come on; if you are here, I am pretty sure you like the series like me.

There is not a lot of information about the movie yet. It was just announced and that’s it. Well still, here is all we know about the movie for now.

What do we know about the movie?

The movie was announced just after the last episode of TenSura season 2 yesterday. Bandai Namco arts also opened an official website for the movie revealing a teaser visual (pictured above) and a promo. You can check out the promo here (or here on Twitter since the YouTube version is region-locked).

As for the promo, there is nothing much in it. It’s just Rimuru and Raphael announcing the movie and the fall 2022 release period. No other information about the movie has been announced yet. Not even the contents of the movie are announced yet.


So there are 2 ways this TenSura movie can go. It can either be a recap film. This is highly unlikely if you ask me but then again, I can’t completely rule out the possibility of that case either. Or it can adapt volume 7 of the light novel. The anime so far has adapted till volume 6 of the LN so it could potentially be a sequel. There is also a minuscule chance that it may be neither of these but, I won’t talk about that case because then I won’t have any idea what to expect.

TenSura Gets New Movie for fall 2022-Expectation

Now if it’s a TenSura recap movie, I will be fairly disappointed because not a lot of complex stuff has happened yet. I’d have understood the need for a recap movie after like adaptation of volume 10 because; stuff really gets messy after that. Right now though, all of the stuff that happened is just fluff for the upcoming stuff. So we don’t need a recap movie yet. We will need one in the future that is for sure though because TenSura is a long series. The anime has only covered till volume 6 and we are on volume 18 in the LN.

If the TenSura movie is a volume 7 adaptation like I want it to be, I’ll be really happy of course. You can fit an entire volume in 1 movie. 1 volume takes roughly 8 episodes to adapt, 8 episodes are around 160 minutes (taking 20 minutes per episode, cutting out Op and Ed) and 150-160 minutes is fine for a movie. It seems long this way but in a movie version, it’ll be shorter of course. I really hope it is a volume 7 adaptation and not a recap.


That is all for now. You have read my analysis and expectations from the movie please let me know yours down in the comments. I will still watch the TenSura movie even if it’s a recap. TenSura season 2 review is coming soon with lots of other stuff so stay tuned for that. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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