Fuuto Tantei Review: Psycho-Pass Flashbacks!

Fuuto Tantei Review: Psycho-Pass Flashbacks!

Before anyone even asks, I mean the title as a compliment. Not as an insult. While the later seasons of Psycho-Pass may have been sub-par, I still like the series. And many of the tones and settings of Fuuto Tantei remind me a lot of Psycho-Pass. Both series provide a...
Fuuto Tantei Mid-Season Review!

Fuuto Tantei Mid-Season Review!

So I talked about Fuuto Tantei a few weeks ago when I found out about it and I watched that henshin scene like 100 times. Now a few weeks later, let’s talk a bit more about it. Episode 6 just dropped so it is a great time for a mid-season review. I don’t...
Fuuto Tantei – Holy Hell This is Awesome!

Fuuto Tantei – Holy Hell This is Awesome!

So I started watching this anime after a friend of mine sent me a clip from it. I thought the animations and art style looked awesome and Tokime is really pretty so I decided to check it out. I had absolutely no idea that this anime was part of the Kamen Rider series....

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