Spring 2023 – Full Guide!

March 11, 2023

Key Takeaways from Spring 2023 – Full Guide:

  • A full list of spring 2023 anime with their release dates
  • A guide to help you keep track of all the upcoming anime you are interested in

Spring 2023 is just a few weeks away now and if you thought last year’s spring season was full of awesome anime, wait till you see this year’s lineup. I was absolutely jam-packed with animes to watch last spring season and this spring season looks no different. And to be honest, I am glad about it. The more anime I watch, the more content I get so, yeah.

So welcome back to another one of our seasonal guides. The guides where list all the upcoming seasonal anime according to their release dates. This once of course, we have Spring 2023 to talk about. So let’s get started with the troll date.

1st April

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Reveals April 1 Premiere and Opening Theme Song in New Trailer - Anime Corner

2nd April

Amazon.in: Buy My home hero - tome 4 - vol04 Book Online at Low Prices in India | My home hero - tome 4 - vol04 Reviews & Ratings

  • Tosouchuu
  • Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenryou
  • Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru
  • My Home Hero

3rd April

  • Alice Gear Aegis Expansion
  • Kuma Kuma Bear Punch
  • Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2
  • Kizuna no Allele (WIT Studio has their name on this, could be worth looking into)

4th April

  • Skip to Loafer
  • Tokyo Mew Mew Season 2

5th April

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo! Trailer 2 - YouTube

6th April

Crunchyroll - The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 2 PV Faces New College Challenges

  • Mahoutsukai no Yome Season 2
  • Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto Desu
  • Opus Colors
  • Yuusha ga Shinda
  • Isekai de Cheat Skill wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Genjitsu Sekai wo mo Musou Suru

7th April

  • Kawaisugi Crisis
  • Birdie Wings Season 2
  • Megami no Cafe Terrace
  • Rokudou no Onna-tachi
  • Mahou Shoujo: Magical Destroyers
  • Edomae Elf

8th April

  • Isekai One Turn Kill Nee-san
  • Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu
  • Otonari no Ginga
  • Gunma-chan Season 2

9th April

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb

Demon Slayer 3rd Season Reveals First Trailer - Anime Senpai

10th April

  • Kanojo ga Koushakutei ni Itta Riyuu
  • Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia

11th April

  • The Marginal Service

14th April

  • Pokemon 2023


Dr. Stone season 3 to be streamed exclusively on Crunchyroll

  • Dead Mount Death Play
  • Dr. Stone Season 2
  • Mashele
  • Oshi no Ko
  • Tonikaku Kawai Season 2
  • Ousama Ranking: Yuki no Takarabako


That is all for now. Yes, there are a few anime that do not have a confirmed date yet. I will update them as the release dates are announced. There is quite a lot to look forward to in Spring 2023 and it should be a fun season. Definitely good enough to rival Spring 2022. Let me know what animes you guys are looking forward to though. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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