• Kotobukiya Made in Abyss Nanachi ANI Statue

    Nanachi is a “hollow” that was cursed by the Abyss, giving them a unique appearance.
    The figure is rendered in detail so high you can practically hear Nanachi’s adorable cry and feel The soft texture of their fur.
    Nanachi’s cute appearance stands in stark contrast with the figure’s elaborately rendered bone helmet

  • Kotobukiya Frame Music Girl: Sakura Miku

    Based on designs by Fumikane Shimada and Takayuki yanase, kotobukiya’s frame Arms Girl and the beloved Hatsune Miku come together for a special collaboration! A cute cherry Blossom themed Hatsune Miku, frame music girl Sakura Miku, joins the frame music girl lineup!
    Product description: ・This kit comes in a special Sakura themed coloration. ・All new cherry Blossom hair accessory is included in this kit. ・The model kit includes three face parts: “singing,” “Looking left,” and “looking right.” ・the face parts are all pre-printed, allowing for easily assembly with no paints or decals required.
    ・The model kit includes bases for the mic, mic stand, and special translucent bases for the speaker drones as well as a base for Miku herself. ・The model kit also includes arm parts without the sleeves, modeled after Hatsune Miku Ver. 4. ・The model kit includes 5 pairs of PVC hands. The wrist joints are compatible with hand parts from existing frame Arms Girl models.

  • Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Cu-Poche Architect

    The 53rd entry in the Cu‐Poche series of cute moveable figures, the analytical “Architect” from the popular “Frame Arms Girl” anime makes her Cu‐Poche debut!
    Cu‐Poche figures pocket‐sized, moveable figures with non‐scale proportions giving them a cute appearance
    Keep your eyes peeled for more Cu‐Poche and Frame Arms Girl collaborations in the near future!

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