Whether you are a beginner or a pro anime artist, a Copic marker set is a must. Check out some of the popular Copic markers that pro anime artists use.

The popularity of anime is rapidly increasing, mainly because of the creative designs that anime artists produce occasionally. Whether you are interested in anime shows or digital art, you will come across anime characters designed by hand.

So how do anime artists create such unique designs? How can they be so precise when drawing by hand?

The answer lies in the use of the best quality marker sets. Anime artists are experienced in using markers to achieve different shades. Then combine different colors to create extraordinary after effects.

Copic markers are becoming increasingly popular amongst anime artists. Because of their ability to draw fine lines and combine many colors like you would in a paint set.

The best thing about Copic markers is that they are easy to use, less messy. Moreover, these are suitable for both beginners and professional artists alike.

Here are our top picks for Copic marker sets in 2021:

Copic Markers Ciao Set Alcohol Marker

This Copic marker set by Ciao is one of the most popular Copic marker sets. All levels of anime artists use it. They are perfect for creating anime or manga. You can also use them to create new designs to practice with existing designs.

The alcohol-based solution allows for apparent color effects, which is perfect for drawing anime. If you are looking for a new anime marker set, then this should be your first choice.

With 12 unique colors to choose from, there’s no need for any specialized paints or markers. Instead, simply combine two colors to create new combinations.

Copic Marker Copic Alcohol Sketch Marker Set

This Copic marker set is perfect for sketching anime characters from scratch. Whether you are an experienced anime artist or a beginner, you will always want to draw new characters.

This alcohol-based Copic marker set is perfect for sketching, which allows you to create new anime ideas with ease. In addition, the refillable markers and replaceable nibs help you achieve consistency.

Even though you might run out of ink, using the same colors is helpful to keep your drawings consistent.

Copic Markers MLSP10A SP Multiliner Set A

These Copic markers are perfect for use in professional anime sketching. They are designed to be refillable, and it is easy to replace the ink. If you want a high-quality black Copic marker for outlining, sketching, or filling, then this set is just what you need.

The aluminum-bodied pens are also perfectly designed for quality application, which makes them leakproof. This marker is waterproof to add to the benefits, which is why many anime artists recommend it.

Copic Ciao 12 Piece Marker Set – Skin Tone

If you are looking for anime markers to fill in facial features, this is all you need. This Copic anime marker set is designed for adding realistic skin tone color to your anime sketches. It is perfect for use in finishing touches as well.

With two brush designs and replicable nibs, this Copic anime marker set can be used for anything – from anime drawings to outlining and more. The ink is also replaceable, so you don’t have to purchase a new set each time.

Prismacolor 3620 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers Fine and Chisel Tip

These anime markers are one of the best for sketching and drawing anime characters and manga. In addition, this set contains 12 different colors for use in a variety of other applications.

You can combine some of these colors for better effects. The fine nibs are ideal for maximum accuracy while drawing, so you won’t damage your drawing because of a second-grade marker. If you are looking for a reliable copic anime marker set, this is one of the best options.

Our Final Thoughts!

Anime drawing tools such as pencils, pens, and Copic markers are key for creating a masterpiece. Still, it is easily overlooked, especially when you are just starting as an anime artist. If you are already a professional anime artist, you’d agree with us.

Try drawing the anime art with and without the Copic markers. And let us know in the comments whether you feel a difference in your drawings or not!

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