So this is a silly little article I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Of course, I am no one to dictate your fashion sense but, there are a few really Anime T-Shirts that I’d like people to check out lol. I remember, a few years ago it was really hard to get good Anime T-Shirts, but now looking at the variety really makes me happy. I’ve even ordered a few for myself among these.

So welcome back to another one of my articles, today I am doing something different. Today, I present to you my top 5 favorite Anime T-Shirts. Once again, please don’t take this article too seriously. Fashion is very subjective and I am just here to have some fun. If you do like something though, Amazon links will be present for each entry to immediately take you to the purchase page.

Oh and, I will limit one T-Shirt per series, otherwise this list will mostly be Demon Slayer or Naruto.

Jotaro & Star Platinum T-Shirt

price: 19.99$, buy here

Doesn’t this look just awesome? I really like these new 3D print tees. Some people have come up with really creative ideas to use this kind of printing. Jotaro is my favorite JoJo too so I am kind of biased but, there are also Jolyne and Giorno versions of it if you would like. Fair warning, the Giorno one isΒ goldΒ af.

Bleach T-Shirt

price: 19.95$ (may vary with size), buy here

So this one is for you if you prefer simpler stuff like me. It may just be black and white but this T-Shirt looks pretty intense and I love it. Just a simple image of Ichigo with Bankai and the Bleach logo. It looks really cool and it has all sizes from small to XXXL available. I do have this one.

Nezuko T-Shirt

price: 10.99 (may vary with size), buy here

Another 3D print one for you. This one is just beautiful. There are a lot of Demon Slayer Anime T-Shirts available, but this one is probably my favorite among those. I’d say despite the description, this T-Shirt is more suited for females but, if you like it, just go for it. Don’t listen to me.

Itachi T-Shirt

price: 19.99$, buy here

Had to include Itachi on this list, if you know what I mean. This T-Shirt looks so good despite being simple once again. Once again, comes in all sizes and stuff. I will be getting this one soon for myself. I love the fact that only his eyes are colored, you know. Adds an extra layer of intensity.

Levi T-Shirt

price: 22.95$, buy here

Once again, this is simple yet amazing. Just a close-up of Levi’s eyes and that is enough. Once again, comes in all sizes, even up to 4XL. I didn’t know that size even existed. Still, it is an amazing T-Shirt and I do have this one as well lol.


Well, that is all for now. Those were my picks for Anime T-Shirts, of course, these are all subjective picks. Let me know what you think in the comments below. With that said, I will take my leave here. I wanna go play some Borderlands 2. See ya!!

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