This week, I have a rather obvious manga recommendation. I am doing this specifically because I wanted to dedicate an article to this awesome manga and because the anime is ending soon. I really like this manga and it’s awesome especially in the latter parts.

You have read the title; we are talking about Tokyo Revengers this week. Just giving you something to do while we wait for the 2nd season of the anime. Before we start, a quick reminder that this is a recommendation and not a review hence, I won’t give any scores or critiques. So let’s start


Tokyo Revengers is written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It is published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. It of course has an anime adaptation and an upcoming live-action adaptation. The first season of the anime is literally ending tomorrow (18/09) though.

Tokyo Revengers started serialization on 1st March 2017 and is still ongoing. The manga currently has 23 volumes or 219 chapters. Tokyo Revengers is one of the best delinquent mangas out there. It’s a really good manga to binge read. Be warned though, since it’s ongoing you will hit a wall soon. Just like me and so many others.


Tokyo Revengers starts off simple; Hangaki Takemichi’s life isn’t going too well, then one day he finds out that his ex-girlfriend was murdered by a gang called Tokyo Manji Gang. He then finds himself traveling 12 years in the past, when he was a delinquent himself. He infiltrates decides Toman to save his girlfriend.

At first, Takemichi’s only objective is to stop Mikey from meeting Kisaki. It becomes so much more complicated down the road. So many things go wrong and finally, when Takemichi thinks he finally managed to secure a good future, stuff goes really wild again.

The plot is really well-paced and has a lot of plot twists. And plot twists in Tokyo Revengers literally come out of nowhere. It’s just crazy how many times the author has managed to shock the shit out of us.

Manga Recommendation of the Week – Tokyo Revengers


Tokyo Revengers has a few main characters and then a lot of side characters who only show up for a particular arc. Main characters aside, it is crazy how many side characters and their backstories are expanded upon. For example, Baji doesn’t appear for that long but his character and backstory are so well thought out and explained.

As far as the main characters go, all of them are awesome. Takemichi can be a drag at times but he overcomes stuff fairly quick. A lot of people hate Takemichi but, in my opinion, he is a great protagonist for something like Tokyo Revengers.


The art in the manga is awesome. The fights are really well done. Even putting the fight aside, the author really paid attention to the delinquent fashion of that time with all the earrings, jackets, chains, and stuff. The character designs are also unique. My only complaint is that a few characters have weirdly long necks but, even that doesn’t stand out much between all the actions.

Why you should read Tokyo Revengers

A few quick pointers on why you should read this manga

  • Crazy plot
  • Fast-paced story
  • Lots of action and fights
  • Awesome characters
  • Amazing art


That is it for now. Leave your thoughts down in the comments. Also, tell me your recommendations as well; I may feature them in next week’s article. Stay tuned for more content and I will take my leave here. See ya!

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