I started reading this manga after I was done with the anime and realized that the story continued. That was quite some time ago, the manga was still ongoing back then. I really loved this manga back then, even when revisiting it today it is still great. I really want the anime to get another season because the manga goes nuts after the anime part ends.

You have read the title; you know we are talking about Magi this week. Welcome back to the 25th edition of our manga recommendation series and this week, we have something awesome for you. So well, let’s get right into it.


Magi is written and illustrated by Ohtaka Shinobu. It is 369 chapters or 37 volumes long, which is slightly above average for a shonen but still, it’s fine. Magi was serialized in the Shonen Sunday magazine from 3rd June 2009 to 11th October 2017. It was also adapted into 2 seasons of anime of 24 episodes each and the anime is pretty good too so you can check it out as well if you want.

Magi is a fantasy shonen anime so it has pretty much everything you’d expect. It is not shy of plot twists and it has a decent magic system. The variety of abilities and powers shown in the series are really incredible. The series also treads a lot of gray areas where you can’t say for sure who’s right or who’s wrong.


Magi’s base plot is pretty simple; it follows Aladdin and his friends as they do their best to try and protect the world from destruction at the hands of the evil organization, Al-Thamen. There are also mysterious dungeons in this world called Labyrinths and whoever conquers a Labyrinth is granted a lot of treasure and the power of djinn.

Most of the powers in Magi come from djinns. The series puts great importance on conquering the labyrinth and making sure that the bad guys don’t get their hands on more djinns. The magic system of the series is independent of djinns but, djinns do bestow people with certain types of magical powers. The overall world-building and the magic system are quite detailed. A detailed magic system is always fun to watch in effect.


Despite being a side character in the Magi main series, Sindbad still remains one of my most favorite characters ever. He is so well written and his presence on screen demands your attention. This sometimes works against the series but, since it’s Sindbad it is fine. Now I am not too fond of Alibaba and Aladdin but, I do agree both of them got a hefty amount of character development. I should also mention Morgianna, she is a really good character too; I like her more than Aladdin and Alibaba.



Magi has some really good art. Like character design especially everyone’s djinn-equip thing is so well done and unique. The art style itself is pretty unique when it comes to djinn-equips and I love it. The action and fight scenes are really well made. And yes, I have to give credit to some of the best meme expressions as well because some of them are just too hilarious.

Why should you read Magi?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this manga

  • Awesome fights
  • Great plot
  • Great world building
  • Detailed magic system
  • Lots of well-written characters
  • Great art


That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Leave any recommendations you may have for me down there as well. Stay tuned for more content and yeah, I will catch you all later. See ya!

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