So my mod asked me to change the format of these articles from lists to something like how you’d recommend a manga/anime to a friend. He wants me to focus on one manga/anime so I’ll do just that. Have to do what the boss asks of me.

Now, this isn’t a review, I’m trying to get y’all to read this manga so I won’t be pointing out negatives here. I will only describe the positive things and the facts about Haikyuu. Let’s start then


Haikyuu is a sports anime about volleyball. Everything in the anime is about volleyball; I’ll detail that in a bit. It is a typical sports manga with hype as the main drive force behind the force behind literally everything. Hype is what will keep you turning pages and finishing chapters like nothing. Haikyuu really draws you in and you’ll start liking volleyball while reading it.

It has finished publishing and has 45 volumes/407 chapters. Yes, it is a bit long but it is good. It is the 17th highest-rated manga on MyAnimeList.


Being a typical shounen–sports manga, Haikyu doesn’t have much in terms of plot. It is a simple plot of the once-great Karasuno volleyball club, trying to gain their lost fame back. As I said earlier, the plot is carried by hype. The hype for each match is huge even if they are just practice matches.

The matches themselves are great. The matches see Karasuno desperately pulling all stops to win/ sometimes they do lose but when they win, boy even you start feeling good. Even you can feel the sadness of losing and happiness of winning from Haikyuu. It even creates some moments where you don’t want the opponent team to lose.

So while the plot itself isn’t that great, there are plenty of things to love.



There isn’t much in terms of character development in Haikyuu. All “character development” that does happen, shows up only in the game. Like I said earlier, everything is about volleyball. This may turn some people off but, I personally see it as a plus point.

Haikyuu has a large cast of characters. I won’t say that every single character from every team is brought out but the ones that are will stay in your memory. You form a sort of bond with all characters you see usually and respect them.


Ooh, the art is really good. There are mangas with better art out there for sure but Haikyuu’s art is still top tier. Even people who don’t like Haikyuu still praise the art. It is that good. A sports anime needs to have good art to show the movement and tension of that scene and Haikyuu does just that. it is full of really awesome panels.

Why you should read Haikyuu

Here’s a quick breakdown of all things great about Haikyuu

  • Great art
  • Everything is about volleyball
  • Lots of memorable characters
  • Good matches
  • HYPE


That is my manga recommendation for this week. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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