Madoka Magica Sequel Movie Announced!

Madoka Magica is easily one of the most misleading anime. It appears as standard Mahou Shoujo anime with a cutesy art style and a mascot to go with it but, it is very dark and serious. The soundtrack of the anime follows this and is very sad and purposefully bleak. It has really strong characters that are developed very well in just 12 episodes. Well, all of this becomes less surprising when you hear that Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass 1, and Fate/Zero have the same author, Urobochi Gen. If you’ve watched either of them you will have an idea of what Madoka Magica is like.

Well, enough praise about Madoka Magica for now. Now, except for the original anime, 3 reboot movies were released with the 3rd one being a sort of sequel to the original anime. The reboots had a more open-ended story to allow for a sequel. Sort of like what Code Geass did with its movies. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Madoka Magica, a 4th movie was announced. Of course, it will act as a sequel to the previous movies. Well the let’s start with

What do we know about the 4th movie?

Madoka Magica’s 4th movie is called Walpurgis no Kaiten. It will have all the same staff and cast as the previous movies and the story is again by Urobuchi Gen. The animations are once again Shaft Studios so expect high production quality. The movie was announced with a teaser visual and promo. They also announced the launch of the Soundtrack album worldwide on Apple Music and Spotify. There has been no information about the story yet but since Urobuchi is writing it, it will be something good for sure. Now moving on to –


Now my expectations from the movie are really high because the anime and the previous movies were just so good that I am very excited to see how Urobuchi follows them up. I don’t even need to worry about the soundtracks and animations because Shaft and all of the old staff of working on it. If you have watched the anime or any of the movies you will know their work is just brilliant. Aside from simping for the animations, the story and character part really interests me. Up till now, witches were just [SPOILER] shit, almost spoiled something very major here. I’m curious what Urobuchi is planning on doing with Walpurgis this once. Oh, and I am not sorry about the Spoiler thing. If you wanna know, watch the anime yourself.

Madoka Magica Sequel Movie Announced!

~ Madoka Magica


So that is all I have for now. You check out the promo here. I am fairly excited about this movie and I hope it comes out sometime this year. It will be a good movie for sure. Fair warning though, you may have depression after watching it. So I suggest listening to “Nya Arigato” to protect yourself from it. as usual, check out my other articles and the awesome art section of our website. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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