Manga has a huge fan base from all over the world. And almost every manga fan loves to create their favorite characters with their own hands. But let’s be honest, drawing those big eyes and exaggerated expressions are not easy to draw.

The only way to master your manga skills is through practice and the proper guidance. Many manga pros believe that manga drawing tutorials are one of the best ways to sharpen your skills. However, with so many tutorials available on the internet, it gets challenging to choose the right one.

Therefore we have picked five tutorials to learn manga with senpai and get yourself started on the manga art world. Here are tutorials that you must watch before drawing a manga character:

How to Draw Manga – Part 1: Where to Start at? By Drawing Manga Characters

One of the challenges that most artists face, especially the beginners, is not sure where to start. No matter how skilled you are, if you have no idea what to draw first, your few hours of drawing can take up to days.

Therefore, you need to watch this fantastic tutorial/guide by Drawing Manga Characters. The tutorial is named “How to draw Manga Characters – where to start at.’ In this tutorial, the senpai explains everything in detail, helping the artists to map out their drawing successfully.

How to Draw Manga with Mosoko Miyatsuki by Wacom

One of the basic yet challenging manga facial expressions is the happy face. If you also feel the same way, then Wacom and Manga University tutorial helps you learn manga basics in just 3-4 minutes.

In this tutorial, the manga senpai, Wacom, gives a step-by-step brief on drawing a manga character. The tutorial is essentially helpful for those artists who love to sketch virtually. However, the tutorial shares some valuable insight that is helpful for all types of manga artists. 

How to Color Manga Hair by Otakufuel’s MangaLessons


Manga art is not just about outlining. Coloring as well as shading the sketch is a critical step of manga drawing. Most beginner artists don’t know how to color their manga characters, especially when it comes to their hair.

Otakufuel is a pro manga artist with a channel where the artist provides manga lessons. One of the tutorials is on coloring manga hair. It’s a helpful tutorial as the artist shows how to color using markers; what’s interesting is that through this tutorial, you will learn to add gradients and shading. 

How to draw a Simple Manga female body by Sophie chan

One of the best channels on manga and anime art is by Sophie Chan. Undoubtedly she is the real manga senpai. One of the reasons you should check out her tutorials is that she explains everything separately. For example, she has created four different tutorials describing how to draw manga heads (male and female) and how to draw bodies (male and female).

Learn to draw Poses in 5 Minutes! [Beginner Tutorial] by Draw like a Sir


The last tutorial that every beginner manga artist must watch is by the Draw like a sir. This tutorial is about how to draw different manga poses using the same basic techniques. In just 5 minutes, you can learn manga poses and create your characters effortlessly.

Go check out these tutorials and let us know whether they are helpful in our comment section!

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