Japanese drawing is one of the most popular forms of art nowadays. Whether you prefer Japanese landscape drawing or anime drawing, Japanese art has a special place in the art world. Japanese art often involves a lot of hand sketching, which comes from the cultural aspect of the art. Japanese art also involves a lot of focus on landscape drawing. This drawing style often blends colors effectively to create a realistic feel.

If you are interested in Japanese drawing, then you probably want to learn how to draw anime characters. Japanese drawing has become popular thanks to the popularity of anime art. Many anime artist have created popular characters that feature on TV series and anime comics. If you are interested in learning about Japanese drawings, then thereโ€™s a few things to keep in mind. While many characters in Japanese drawings may resemble those of other cartoons, there are a few differences.

Here are some things to keep in mind before learning Japanese drawing:

Exaggerated facial features

Many anime characters have exaggerated facial features. These often include big eyes and eyebrows. The purpose of having large eyes on characters is to help show the characterโ€™s emotions more clearly. You will often notice this trend in the majority of anime characters. However, while the eyes may be bigger than a normal character, they are still in proportion. If you struggle to add facial features to your anime drawings, then you can get some help. There are quite a few good anime drawing tutorials that will teach you how to raw anime eyes. With a little practice, you can master the art of creating emotions through the eyes and facial features.

Slim bodies

While there are many variations of anime, many of the characters have slim bodies. This is often representative of the ideal figure which is why it was adopted into anime. However, smaller figures also help place more focus on the face, which is the distinguishing part of the character. While you may notice a few exceptions, the majority of anime characters have similar body types. The best thing about drawing an anime figure is that it is quite easy. Once you learn how to draw a basic outline, you can start drawing poses for the characters as well.

Clothing is usually school uniform

In many anime drawings, the main characters usually wear school uniforms. Japanese drawing is often representative of the Japanese culture, which places a lot of emphasis on school. Also, Japanese anime was initially made to target younger adults and children. This is why youโ€™ll notice that the majority of characters have school uniforms as their primary dressing. If you struggle to draw school uniforms, then have a look at a cloth drawing tutorial. It gives you valuable tips on how to draw basic school uniforms on your anime characters.

The settings are realistic

While many anime characters might look unrealistic, the background is often quite realistic. If you are learning how to draw anime art, you should study a drawingโ€™s background. You can also learn how to create the perfect background by watching an informative tutorial. Once you master drawing backgrounds for your anime characters, you will be on your way to create your own comics.

Japanese drawing is become more popular in different parts of the world. Before you try to practice your own drawings, its best to know all about Japanese art. You can always look at a few good tutorials to help you with the learning process.

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