Black Clover was already known in the manga world. But it is no doubt one of the most popular Anime of the Season! In September, it was confirmed  that close to 4.2 million manga copies had been printed  so far.   You can imagine just popular they are as of this moment. Black Clover is not just manga now but has its own series now! Started from October 3, 2017, the show has been perceived positively and well among the Black Clover fans. So far we have been able to see several episodes and they are all too good to be missed! The next episode is going to be available in a few days.



But perhaps what is the most inspiring thing about Black Clover is the art behind. And how manga fans are trying to adapt their drawing skills into it. If you are wondering what you will need to draw the perfect manga art or if you are inspired by Black Clover and willing to draw something on your own, you have to have the following:

  • Sharpener (to ensure your pencil is sharpened anytime you need)
  • Eraser (you’ll need it if you are beginner or just a novice, in case you make any mistake or draw any line wrong)
  • Number 2 Pencil (for the basic outline and to form the whole structure)
  • Medium Point Ink Pen (to create the shading effect)
  • Fine Point Ink Pen (to enhance the shading effect)
  • Permanent Marker (to fill the black spots in the drawing)

Make sure you practice

Before you see the video and understand the steps, the prerequisite to any form of the drawing being mastered is to ensure that you practice. If you don’t practice, you will not be able to understand and optimize your drawing skills at their best. The first you time do it, it might not be so good but that’s just the start and the more you practice it, you’ll be able to understand the flaws and will try to correct it naturally. At the end, you’ll be able to master and draw the perfect Asta.

If you could just observe and notice how the artist is heading on with a smooth flow while drawing, you’ll realize that you too could do the same but it needs a lot of your keen attention, practice, and observation. It always starts off with the face shape, which you have to draw with a light pencil. Try to draw the easiest parts as soon as possible and then head towards the details. You’ll see they eyes have a particular shape which needs to symmetrical on both sides. The wide smile needs placed not too low on the chin but not too high towards the nose. It just needs to fit perfectly. Since the tutorial focuses black and white colors, you will have to carefully observe the features so that the shading goes along with it.

One of the most important things you need to do is to draw with your pencil as light as you can so that you can avoid using rubbers as much as possible, not to mention the sharpeners. Do make sure to draw the eyes proportionally and are placed next to each other. If you manage to get away with the eyes made perfectly, you’re good to go! Make sure to let the marker flow easily and so wherever it is that you want to use a marker, take it slowly and easily. Also, be sure to use the ink pens slowly and lightly so you don’t apply pressure on the paper. 

If you look at @itsdullyart, you’ll observe the precision and the exact details. Had the colors been used, it would have looked just the same as the comic itself!

If you are a Black Clover fan and are really enthusiastic about drawing your favorite characters from the show, all we could advise you is that no matter how easy or difficult the drawing may seem, if you give it your best and practice continuously, you just might get better than the tutorial itself!


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