Manga comics are quite popular around the world, with content for people of all ages. While the manga was originally designed for kids and teenagers, even adults have become hooked on manga comics. You can only marvel at the depth of each character and the attention to detail that artists have. Drawing a manga illustration is more than just creating a character. Most manga characters form a specific pattern, which makes them a complete work of art.

If you have contemplated creating your own manga illustration, then you already know of the basic drawing process. However, there are many things that most people overlook when drawing manga. Manga illustrations follow a specific style, which is why you should first understand it before you attempt to draw it. By mastering all these aspects, you will be able to create your own manga illustration in the future.

Get the outline right

The first thing that you learn when drawing manga is to make sure that you create the bright outline. Anime drawing often requires a lot of sketching before you can perfect an outline. Pencil sketches are often more difficult to do, although you can try it if you are more experienced. Some anime drawing apps can help you draw an outline with supporting tools. Once you get the basic outline right, drawing the finer details becomes much easier. If you are struggling to get the outline of your drawings perfect, then you can go back to the basics with these tutorials.

Master creating different facial expressions

The style and effect of your manga illustration largely depends on the type of character that you draw. One of the best ways to create the perfect illustration is to draw the right facial expressions. While most beginners can draw basic facial features, it takes experience to learn how to draw different expressions. If you are learning how to draw anime characters with different facial expressions, then look at some of these professional tutorials. If there’s one skill that can make your manga illustrations more colorful, it’s the ability to draw different facial expressions.

Choose the color combinations wisely

A good artist knows exact that the type of color combinations can affect the drawing positively or negatively. Regardless of how good your sketch is, having the wrong color combinations will only damage your illustration. You can experiment with many different color combinations, but it’s always best to use established patterns. Look at some of the most popular anime characters and how their color combination was chosen. You can also look at how professional artists color their manga illustrations to get a better idea of how it’s done.

Learn to add different clothing styles on your characters

Just as your clothing style affects your personality, so too does the clothing type of your anime characters. Drawing clothing styles on anime characters is one of the most difficult aspects of anime drawing. While it may seem daunting at first, with a little practice, you can master drawing various clothing styles. If you want to practice drawing different clothing styles on a manga illustration then look at these informative tutorials.

Drawing manga illustrations is quite an art, which often requires a certain level of creativity. If you are new to anime, then this may look quite difficult. However, if you already know the basics, then all you need is to improve your skill level. By learning how to create different expressions and choosing the right color combinations, you will master manga drawings in no time.


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