Modern art covers much more than painting and sculptures. Did you know that character drawings are also part of modern art? Many anime characters are created by professional artists, who take great care to make each character unique. It’s no wonder that anime art has become so popular in recent years. If you are interested in learning how to draw Japanese anime, then you can make use of these professional tips.

However, keep in mind that learning any art requires time and dedication. If you are willing to put in the time to learn Japanese anime, then all that’s left is quality instruction. There is a specific method used to draw most anime characters. Once you master the drawing method, you’ll be able to create your own Japanese anime characters.

Here are some simple steps that teach you how to draw Japanese anime:

Start from the basics

Before you can design your own anime characters, you’ll have to learn how to draw a basic character first. Anime drawings often use a similar outline, even if the characters are different. Anime drawing are usually symmetrical and the outline should be perfect. First learn how to draw basic features like the face, facial features, a basic body and the proper face anatomy. You can look at some of these informative tutorials that will guide you on how to draw Japanese anime.

Learn different facial expressions

Once you can draw the basic features, it’s time to bring your character to life. Learn how to draw the basic facial expressions by alternating certain features. For example, by drawing extra-large eyes and elevated eyebrows, you can create a surprised expression. Learn how changing different parts of the drawing can give your character a different expression. This is quite helpful if you want to draw unique characters in Japanese anime. Look at some of the tutorials on how to draw facial expressions and you’ll get a better idea of the process.

Learn how to use digital drawing tools

Digital drawing tools are quite helpful for beginners who want to learn how to draw Japanese anime. It’s much easier to draw with an app on a touch screen than with a pencil and paper. While some people prefer to sketch using a pencil, drawing on an app allows you to erase and mistakes with ease. Some apps even have shapes that you can incorporate in your drawings. You can also experiment with various color shades and even duplicate your drawings. If you are looking for a good anime drawing app, then check out some of these.

Learn how to draw hairstyles

One of the most overlooked parts of drawing Japanese anime is the hairstyles. You may have not noticed it, but many anime hairstyles are quite complex. While they may be difficult to draw, they help create a character’s personality and appearance. Learn how to draw different hairstyles with these amazing hairstyle tutorials. You can also experiment with drawing different hairstyles on the same character for practice.

Create your own characters

If you are a beginner and are learning how to draw Japanese anime, then you can try to recreate a popular anime character. However, once you have a grip on the drawing process, then you can create your own characters. Get creative and don’t be afraid of the outcome. Most professional artist were once where you are now!

Drawing anime might seem complicated, but it’s not that difficult once you master the process. By following these simple steps, you will master anime drawing in no time!


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