Japanese Anime has become one of the most popular forms of modern art. Millions of young people are hooked onto popular anime series, and many more have a favorite anime comic. With so much popularity, many people are starting to make anime drawing a hobby.

Whether you simply like to try new art forms or are an anime fan, you can always try something new. If you want to learn how to draw Japanese anime, it’s best to follow the proper will not get you anywhere.

The best thing you can do to learn to draw Japanese anime is to watch professorial tutorials. Many of these tutorials cover certain aspects of drawing, which will help you build your skills. Remember that drawing is a skill that follows a specific process.

By learning different parts of anime drawings individually, you will eventfully master the art of anime drawing. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Watch professional artists

The best way to master any skill is to learn directly from Many anime drawings that can be studied as the ‘perfect illustration of anime. If you are a competent beginner, then you can start by watching professional artists draw.

It will give you an idea of how it’s done and may increase your confidence. The more confidence you have in your drawing ability, the easier it will be to master anime drawing. These professional artists will show you exactly how they create their famous anime drawings.

Learn using reference lines

Drawing lines or reference lines are commonly used when drawing anime characters. If you want to learn to draw Japanese anime, it’s best to start by learning how to draw reference lines.

These drawing lines help maintain symmetry so that your drawings are more realistic. This tutorial will help you learn how to use reference lines to make your anime drawings perfect.

Use digital drawing software

While not everyone would recommend using digital drawing software, it is actually quite helpful for beginner artists. There are many different drawing software that is designed to simplify the drawing process.

Check out some of this drawing software and practice your anime drawings on it. Anime drawing software can help you erase lines without damaging the drawing, copy certain lines, and have various other benefits.

Practice drawing new characters every day

While everyone may have their favorite character, it’s best to try drawing new characters every day. Drawing the same character over and over will not help you learn new skills.

By practicing new characters, you can polish your drawing skills and learn more about Japanese anime. You’ll soon find yourself more interested in anime drawings if you are constantly trying new things.

Break drawings into smaller parts

Suppose anime drawing is a challenge for you, then it’s best to break up the drawings into smaller parts. For example, you can first learn how to draw the eyes. Many tutorials can help you learn how to draw different body parts on anime characters.

Drawing Japanese anime may be fun but is also quite challenging. However with the right tutorials to guide you can easily master your drawing skills. It’s not what we say but many pro anime artists believe it to be true. But watching just the tutorials isn’t just enough. You need to be consistent and practice.

What have you done to learn anime drawing? Share your personal experience with anime drawing in the comments below.

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