Ok, so I am really surprised by this news. I literally picked up this exact manga a few days ago and now I see this. Just wow. Hoshi no Samidare is getting an anime adaptation man, all these years later. It has been 11 years since the manga ended. That is absolutely crazy. I am really hoping that the anime can do the manga justice because the manga is pretty awesome. It may look childish at first but, those who have read it know just how serious Hoshi no Samidare can be when it wants to.

Before we even begin, it is a given that we don’t have that much information since this is only the initial announcement. I’ll be sure to keep you posted whenever more information is released though. So for now, here is all we currently know about Hoshi no Samidare’s anime adaptation.

What do we know about the anime adaptation?

As I said, there isn’t much known about anime at the moment. Yesterday (23rd January), the magazine in which Hoshi no Samidare was published, ShounenGahousha announced this anime adaptation. The distribution company, My Theatre DD also opened up an official website for the same along with a teaser visual. There were also a few more details along with this.

The official website also announced that the anime is going to air in summer 2022, which is very soon. The series will be directed by Nobuaki Nakanishi and composed by YuichiroMomose and Satoshi Mizukami. Satoshi Mizukami is also the author of Hoshi no Samidare manga. They haven’t announced a studio yet but, I am sure they will announce one soon. That covers everything we know for now. Now, moving on to

Hoshi no Samidare


Man, it is going to be very hard to lay down expectations without knowing what studio will be working on Hoshi no Samidare but, I am still going to try. First off, Hoshi no Samidare is very different from what you may imagine. Its story is also somewhat unique despite having a cliché setting. The whole series focuses on the protagonist’s struggle to decide between what is right and what he wants to do. As I said, the art style is very childish looking but, do not let that mislead you. There’s a lot of serious stuff going on in this.

Hoshi no Samidare feels like one of those manga’s that will shine in an anime if done well. The animations don’t need to be god-tier. It is fine even if it ends up with average animations, the pacing of the anime will be the key here. You see, in building tension for a scene pacing is very important and Hoshi no Samidare really benefits from this tension. All that said though, I am really looking forward to this anime. The manga really surprised me so I look forward to seeing what the anime has in store.


That is all for now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I put Hoshi no Samidare on this week’s manga recommendation as well so, now I have to mend that article a little bit. But yeah, with that said I will take my leave here. See ya!

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