After all these years, we are finally so close to the sequel of Hataraku Maou Sama or The Devil is a Part-Timer. Hataraku Maou Sama is one of the most underrated anime in my opinion and it is one of the rare reverse-isekais. For what is mostly a comedy anime, Hataraku Maou Sama does have a fairly interesting plot and I really suggest you check out the first season if you haven’t already. Oh, and yeah, you can watch it for free thanks to Muse Asia on YouTube.

I covered this news all the way back when Hataraku Maou Sama season 2 was first announced but, now that we have some more juicy details, we should talk about it. A lot of new details regarding the anime were released recently so here is all we know so far.

What do we know about Hataraku Maou Sama Season 2?

There was this Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival a few days ago, the festival is still going on I believe. For now, the 2nd day of the festival interests us; which was yesterday (12th December). Yesterday in the event, the first teaser visual, PV, and the production staff/cast for Hataraku Maou Sama season 2 were revealed. You can check out the PV here.

There are no changes in the main cast but, Hina Kino is joining the cast as the VA for Alas Ramus, the kid featured on the teaser visual. A lot of the staff is also back from the first season so far I can tell; only the director has changed. It will once again be animated by Studio 3Hz just like the first season.

The 2nd season of Hataraku Maou Sama is set to air in the summer season of 2022 which is right around my expected time. So looks like the educated guess I made in the last article was right after all.

Hataraku Maou Sama


What can I say? I am just happy that it is finally getting a sequel after all these years. It is still a bit far, 2nd half of 2022 but hey, it is finally coming at least. Better late than never, right?

All my happy babbling aside, I have no idea what is going to happen in Hataraku Maou Sama season 2. The cute-looking girl, Alas is apparently going to be important to the plot of this next arc. All I know about her is that she was saved by Emilia’s mother. I don’t know anything else. But, I am still pretty excited that I can at least go into the season blind. That has been a rarity these days.


That is it for now. It is just another fun anime to look forward to next year for me. Next year looks pretty good to me so far, I am just hoping that we finally get some updates regarding Shield Hero and Bleach next year as well. With my little bits of copium taken, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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