Gundam is a series that needs little to no introduction. The series has been going on for years. Its original novels were written all the way back in the late 1900s and are still being adapted into manga and anime. Gundam series has many sub-series set in alternate timelines.

I am not sure just how many novels actually there are but I am pretty sure almost all of them have been animated. Gundam and NGE are the anime that created the whole sub-genre of “mecha anime”. Heck, some academics view the series as so inspirational that they thought of making a Gundam Academy! I know that is crazy but it is true!!

Out of countless sub-series, Gundam SEED is easily one of the best. It is set in the original “Universal Century” (or UC) timeline. The UC timeline is easily the most popular timeline of all. Don’t worry, UC stories are loosely connected so you can watch SEED without watching anything else.

SEED original anime aired from 2002 to 2005 yet somehow it is finally getting a sequel almost 20 years later. This tells you the series is still famous. Speaking of the sequel

What do we know about the movie?

During the opening ceremony of the establishment of the full-scale Gundam statue in Shanghai, Bandai Namco announced “Project Ignited” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Gundam SEED anime. It will feature multiple installments (maybe a “remaster” of the old anime?) most prominent of which is this movie. This movie was announced back in 2006 and finally coming out 15 years later than it was supposed to come out. I am really happy though that it is finally coming out.

This movie should sum up the SEED storyline if I remember correctly. Honestly, I am not sure how much more story is left in SEED but I wouldn’t be surprised if the novel had enough content for another season of anime left because that is how Gundam works.

The original anime was of 100 episodes (2 seasons of 50 episodes) so I am not quite sure if anything will be left after the movie is released. I think I’ll go check out the novel just to see how much more content is yet to be animated.


This movie will be awesome because SEED is easily one of the best entries in the Gundam series. I haven’t watched all of the Gundam series (it will take some time to cover of course) but, SEED is my personal favorite. Sunrise will return to animate SEED again most probably so the animations will be top-notch as always. Most of all, the storyboard director of the original SEED anime, Fukuda Mitsuo is returning for this movie so we can expect this movie to be awesome.


That is all I have for now. Let me know down in the comments if you’re excited about the movie. If you know how much more content is left in the novel, let me know about that too. I expect the trailers to be dropping soon but, we’ll see. As usual, stay tuned for more articles, and do not forget to check our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave. See ya!!

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