You have been wronged if you have been told that drawing characters from anime or manga is all about drawing complicated characters. Undoubtedly, as your skills refined, you want to draw challenging characters. However, there is a long list of drawing characters that are easy to make.

It means that even a beginner artist can draw such characters without a reference image. We have picked the top five drawing characters that you can create yourself.

Kirby – The Pink Puff

Kirby - The Pink Puff - Drawing Characters

Have you been craving to start your manga/anime drawing journey? But not sure where to start? Well, without wasting any more minutes, grab your tools and start drawing Kirby today! Kirby is a popular and cute character from Nintendo’s video game series.

This character is straightforward to draw. It’s practically just a ball/circle-shaped character with small flap-like arms and feet. What’s interesting is that there are quite a several variations that you can draw this character in.

Pikachu – From The Pokemon


Pikachu - From The Pokemon - Drawing Characters

Be you are an anime fan or not, you must have seen the Pokemon series. Undoubtedly, the entire pokemon series is one of the classics. It features many characters that can spice up your drawing.

However, one of the easiest characters you can draw without any reference image is Ash’s Pikachu. The yellow-colored, cute little pokemon doesn’t have any complicated features or expressions. There are multiple styles in which you can draw the Pikachu.

Koro-sensei – From Assassination Classroom

Drawing Characters that you can make yourself starting today

Try Koro-sensei if you want to draw something that is neither too simple nor too complicated to draw. It is a character from the Assassination Classroom. The character is a yellow bipedal octopus with a grin on his face.

The character don a professor’s robe and a graduation cap. One of the reasons this character is a good one to begin your art journey is that you can play around with shading gradients.

Doraemon – From the Doraemon Series


Doraemon - From the Doraemon Series

Doraemon is a popular anime series, but the character is one of the most excited drawing characters among artists. It is rated as one of the easiest characters to draw. You don’t need any reference or tutorial.

You don’t have to be a pro to draw Doraemon perfectly. Even someone with little drawing skills can make a perfect-looking Doraemon on paper. If you dissect the character, it’s basically about drawing circles.

The face, the body, hands, and even feet, everything is practically a circle. Long story short, Doraemon is a good character to draw to boost your confidence.

The Criminal – From Detective Conan

The Criminal - From The Detective Conan

If you want to draw something serious, we suggest the “Criminal” from the series Detective Conan. In the series, a black or dark humanoid character has been used to depict the culprit’s actions: the culprit or the criminal looks like the devil. There are no specific facial features or expressions, so you don’t need a tutorial reference. You can easily make the criminal by yourself.

Drawing primary characters doesn’t mean that you don’t have the potential. Always keep in mind that drawing characters is all about gaining confidence. And the best way to do so is to start by drawing simple characters.

If you think that all the pro artists have always been this good, you are wrong. It takes a lot of practice to get to the level where you master the drawing skills. So be patient, consistent, and take baby steps. Don’t procrastinate; take out your pencils and start drawing!

Have you ever drawn any of the above characters? If yes, then do share your sketches with us in the comment section.

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