Is it possible for an anime artist to draw digital artwork without actually using digital tools ?? Apparently, yes. If you put in a few hours every week to practice and do this every week then over the course of a few years, you’ll be where @super_rosee is today ?.

This artist hailing from Wales draws art with a coloring perfection so incarnate that it puts digital artwork to shame. Believe us, she’s not hiding any magic wand that can spew such perfection?! Only some indispensable Copic markers for the coloring. Also, a mechanical pencil and an electric sharpener to go with it for the drawings ?.

@super_rosee has been doing anime art since 2016 now. Back then, she was an active member of DBZ Amino, a social network for DBZ fans, in particular, she tells us. Being around art once again rekindled her love for drawings she had been fostering since childhood. She had to stop with for a few years due to some reasons though?.

You now know why you’d find so much of DBZ on her Instagram art page! This one particular art takes the cake though. It shows Goku in his much-desired Ultra Instinct form ?. The way our artist has blended Goku’s silver-blue aura ♨️ with the character himself is profoundly breathtaking. The surrounding white space further sets a celestial benchmark for blending colors.

I always re-ink my drawings once I’m finished coloring. It helps make the lines crisp.

She also gets Goku’s hand proportions right. They appear to be popping right out of the canvass towards you ?!

Digital Art By @super_rosee Img 2

~ Gaara of the Desert & the One Tailed Beast Shukaku

Digital Art By @super_rosee Img 3

~ Demon Fox Cloak Naruto and Kyuubi

Although @super_rosee has a handful of such consummated character art forms to her credit, she’s been making news currently due to her tailed-beast and jinchuriki art from Naruto. She flagged off this series with Gaara and Shukaku. One-Tail Shukaku, one of Naruto’s nine tailed beasts?, was sealed as Gaara ’s jinchuriki even before he was born. @super_rosee captures this essence of togetherness in her art. Gaara’s fierce form is seen as one with his beast Shukaku, making the duo appear both unbeatable and scary at the same time ?. We especially love how she has captured the depth in Shukau’s eyes? and has gotten the sand texture right?!

The next art in this series was Demon Fox Cloak Naruto and his monster, Kyuubi ?. Here, Naruto is seen in his Kyuubi mode, his pupils red and fangs protruding from his mouth ?. The choice of bright red and orange everywhere. The distinct detailing in both Naruto and the beast’s eyes makes the art come alive! If the Gaara art was for sand, clearly, the Naruto art imbibes fire?! With this art, @super_rosee has set the bar high ?.

We await her next art in this series but for now, we have yet another amazing drawing to talk ponder over. No, this is no character or even a character with a beast ??.

Digital Art By @super_rosee Img 4

~ Gon’s EpicTransformation from H x H

In fact, this art captures one of the most epic transformation scenes in the history of anime?. Having reached an insurmountable level of grief, this scene unfolds in Hunter x Hunter’s 131st episode. Having been pushed over the boundaries of grief by Neferpitou, Gon transforms into a mature 20 something-year-old version of himself?, making him the most powerful person in the world. The events that lead up to this scene are simply stunning✨. Even though Pitou herself is absent from the art, our artist has skillfully captured the heat of the moment in her art through the use of a perfect color palette and some professional blending techniques?. There is an abundant use of white light to depict the transformation scene?!

@super_rosee uses a white gel pen to work the whites to perfection and reemphasize them as much as she can. After all, to put one or even several anime characters to paper is one thing, but to bring alive a complete scene through artwork is phenomenal??, even for an artist.

Digital Art By @super_rosee Img 5

~ Shoto Todoroki from Boku No Hero Academia

Another use of abundant white light can be observed in this Todoroki art. Altough Kohaku Art inspired the original art design, the ice? and fire? texture to the hair is our artist’s “Rosee” touch?. We observe a generous use of a white gel pen on the ice side. The fire side is filled with a texturous touch of orange✨. A lot of experimenting with colors must have led her to finalize this pattern. “Always practice experimenting before coloring the final drawing.”, is her precious advice to her fellow anime artists, who she herself looks up to for their own unique style☺️.

We would go ahead and call @super_rosee herself an inspiration for the budding anime artists out there. If you pay close attention to her artwork, we’re sure you will take back a few valuable lessons in blending ? and coloring ?. After all, it was being around art that set off this amazing artist on the path to creating some unparalleled artwork that is not unlike digital artwork ?. If you do the same, who knows, with a lot of practice, you might be where she is today a few years down the lane ?!

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