Top 10 Best Drawing Materials to Make Anime Art

November 5, 2018
Drawing Materials

Top 10 Best Drawing Materials to Make Anime Art – Updated for 2023!

As an anime artist, the drawing materials you choose to make anime art matters ?.

Fine drawing materials bring out the best in your drawing and cut hours of frustrated rework from your precious time. Of course, with so many different drawing supplies available today, it makes it challenging to pick the best ones ?.

You’re in luck! We’ve done our research, and based on average customer ratings, reviews, and thorough analysis, we have come up with this list of the “Top 10 best drawing materials to make anime art” for you.

Drawing Materials - Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen Set

1. Sakura 6-Piece Koi Coloring Brush Pen Set


The Sakura XBR-6SA Brush Pens is a vivid set of 6 cool and warm shades and colors.

  • These brush pens pretty much work like regular paintbrushes.
  • Their soft yet sharp pointed tips easily reach every nook and cranny with one single swift stroke.
  • Their water-based inks prevent them from bleeding-a desirable quality most artists seek in a brush pen.

Use them to breathe warmth ? into an otherwise dull-gray piece of art.

Check them out: Click Here

Copic Markers

2. Drawing Materials – Copic Markers


Copic Markers are the industry standard markers for anime drawing and coloring.

  • Made for superior blending in your artwork, Copic Markers’ vivid colors bring art to life with their sheer number of shades.
  • Their sturdy yet flexible soft tips do not bleed and are easily refillable and replaceable.
  • More than a tool itself, owing Copics is like adding chink in the armor of your drawing collectibles?.

Check them out: Click Here

Deleter Comic Book Paper

3. Deleter Comic Paper


Deleter, a stationery manufacturer in Japan, makes the Deleter Comic Paper specifically for anime and manga illustrations.

  • This paper is available in several sizes, yet the A4 size is perfect for drawing anime.
  • It can perfectly stand pens, ink, pencils, and even markers due to its optimum thickness and is not flimsy like chart paper.
  • Its smooth texture allows an eraser to lick away stray pencil markings without leaving any trace behind.

Deleter Comic Paper feels heavenly and costs much less than most drawing paper, making it a must-buy for any professional artist.

Check them out: Click Here

Drawing Materials - Pilot Mechanical Pencils

4. Pilot Color Eno Neox Mechanical Pencil – Soft Blue


Although the Pilot Color Eno Neox Mechanical Pencils come in 8 variants, the Soft Blue color holds a special place in an anime artists’ set.

  • If you’re new to this art, it does not pick the paper’s non-photo blue colors by a photocopy machine.
  • In this regard, the Pilot Color Eno Neox 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencil makes it a cakewalk for you to draw over it freely with graphite or ink and are easily erasable.

If you’re not too fond of mechanical pencils, the Uni Arterase Color pencils are a wooden alternative to these.

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5. Drawing Materials – Uni Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencils ✏️


Want to live your shading dream? Get the complete set of 22-Uni Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencils encompassing the full tonal range of a graphite pencil.

  • Its clay-based creamy graphite lead makes it suitable even for very light rendering.
  • It doesn’t give a hard time with “hard spots ?” found in the graphite for most pencils.

If you need a few of these pencils instead of the entire range, go for individual pencils sold separately. Or even the pack of 12.

Check them out: Click Here

Faber-Castell Kneaded Rubber Erasers

6. Faber-Castell Kneaded Rubber Erasers


The Faber-Castell Kneaded Rubber Erasers are just what you need to erase all kinds of pencil marks-from metallic to colored, without spoiling the paper itself ?.

  • Unlike conventional erasers, it can be easily shaped to rub-off even the slightest marks precisely.
  • Clean it with ease by gently rubbing it against the palm of your hands.

Check them out: Click Here

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

7. Sakura Pigma Micron Pens


Plastic tipped highly pigmented Sakura Pigma Micron Pens with a small amount of giving work great for intricate lines and details.

  • Their strokes, as opposed to other fine detailing pens and yield a subtle matte texture.
  • The Sakura Pigma Micron Pens come in an assortment of 15 vibrant colors with a travel-friendly pouch making it perfectly manageable?.

Check them out: Click Here

Winsor & Newton Extra Fine Kolinsky Brushes

8. Winsor & Newton Kolinsky Brushes


A popular name in the stationary arena, Winsor & Newton’s manufactures wands for brushes in the form of their Series 7 Kolinsky Brushes.

  • The natural-hair variants (the other being the synthetic hair) of these brushes work like a charm.
  • The Series 7 brushes have been specially designed with more expansive bellies to give the artist a comfortable hold over them while not sacrificing any precision.

With its snap and spring, you can maintain the perfect painting angle between the brush and the canvass for fuller strokes in even the most finely detailed areas.

Check them out: Click Here

Copic Multiliner Pens

9. Copic Multiliner Pens


One look at a set of Copic Multiliner Pens, and you’ll realize why they were born for fine linings of the likes of detailing and outlining.

  • These pens are fully capable and equipped with highly precise tips ideal for your detailed line work.
  • Thes erasers do not pick up the waterproof ink, so there are no worries regarding smudging and the requirement to draw over again.

Check them out: Click Here

Prismacolor Premier Color Pencils | Water-Soluble Color Pencil Set, Assorted Colors, 36 Count

10. Prismacolor Premier Color Pencils | Water-Soluble Color Pencil Set


The Prismacolor Premier Color Pencils | Water-Soluble Color Pencil Set are a notch-higher water-soluble colored pencils for those who’ve already mastered the conventional watercolors and brush pens.

These colored-pencils can be blended with or without water to yield a striking painting matchable with a watercolor drawing’s with the right kind of paper.

Check them out: Click Here

Bonus: SmudgeGuard Gloves


How many times have you ruined a perfect piece of recently baked art by accidentally smearing the edge of your hands over it while drawing?

  • A washable, comfortable, and lightweight hand glove specifically made to shield your hand from the drawing and vice versa.
  • These unisex gloves are 87% nylon and 15% spandex to eliminate friction, enabling your hands to slide over the paper effortlessly?.

Check them out: Click Here

If you’re not going to give up on drawing anytime soon, you need to get one of these to make your life super easy.

The above list entails some of the top-rated drawing supplies in the market today so needless to say, they’ve worked well for most people who’ve bought them.

You too can experiment with any of the above options and pick what works best for you. ?

~Naruto Artwork | By: s.m._arts

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